Lunch Ideas

I know many families have kids at home during the day in the summer and some familiar lines in my house are; "What's for lunch?" "There's Nothing to Eat." My sister-in-law solved this problem with an inexpensive white board. Lunch choices and fruit are written on the board. This gives the kids ideas of what to eat for lunch, as well as fruit and veggie options. This also keeps food … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday: The Kids are in Charge

Thanks for all your lunch tips last week! I am passing them on to my kids, because from now on, they are in charge of lunch! I am not sure what I will be eating for lunch since I am not a big fan of mac and cheese or hot dogs, maybe I will just have a sandwich;). We will be enjoying Williamsburg on Monday and Tuesday, so our menu officially starts on Wednesday this week. Wednesday Breakfast - … [Read more...]