Meal Planning 101

Hello everyone, I am currently on vacation, but a few of my readers volunteered to take over the site while I am away! They have written some excellent posts that I am sure you will love. I also have some posts I wrote answering your burning questions about The Happy Housewife. Enjoy! My Road Map to Meal Planning I am really excited to be helping out the Happy Housewife with a guest post … [Read more...]

Making Must Gos, Gotta Haves

Before my transformation into a frugal gal one of my biggest money wasters was leftovers or must gos. As a kid I disliked leftovers and vowed that when I had my own home I would never eat them. I realize how silly that sounds now as an adult, but I stuck to my pledge for several years. Each week before my shopping trip I would throw out at least a half a garbage bag full of food from my fridge … [Read more...]

Sugar Cereals… or a Glimpse into my Childhood

  My mother was crunchy before crunchy was fashionable. There were carob chip cookies, homemade healthy birthday cakes, and homemade yogurt. I didn't have any sugar until I was three years old when an unsuspecting neighbor gave me a huge Easter basket filled with chocolate and candy. I remember growing up we had two choices for cereal, Cheerios or homemade granola. If we were really, … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool in the Summer

When I got in the car today to run an errand the thermometer read 95 degrees. I am sure if you live in the south it is even hotter. I know that when my house is hot I don't feel like cooking and there is a huge temptation to eat out or get take out.   When I have to turn my oven on in an already hot house, I am ready to give up. Limiting your oven use in the summer can save you … [Read more...]

20 Healthiest Foods for under $1

My brother sent me this link tonight. It lists the twenty healthiest foods for under $1. Since I am making my weekly trip to the grocery store tomorrow this article has me wanting to revise my shopping list. Some of the foods are pretty obvious, like bananas and broccoli but sardines... I will have to research a those a little more before I add them to my shopping cart. You can view the entire … [Read more...]

Powdered Milk

When I was a child the thought of drinking powdered milk sent chills up my spine. I couldn't stand the stuff, and always knew when my mom made powdered milk in "real" milk jug. Now that I am older and wiser (I hope) I see the wisdom in my mother's ways. Even as I type this my oldest daughter is telling me how powdered milk tastes weird, and she only likes it on cereal. I find the fact that she … [Read more...]