Taste of Home Cookbook Sale plus Free Shipping

I know many of you love the Taste of Home Cookbooks. I remember years ago I received a subscription to the Taste of Home magazine and I really enjoyed the recipes, even though I was a beginner cook. Taste of Home is currently running a sale on their cookbooks. Over 50 Taste of Home cookbooks are on sale for a limited time, priced at only $5!

Some of these cookbooks retail for $24.99 so this is a great deal. These cookbooks would make great Christmas gifts! The sale ends November 7, 2011.

Use the code LST88 and get free shipping on orders over $20!


  1. LOVE love love these cookbooks. My favorite magazine of their series is Country Woman but I these recipes in Taste of Home are foolproof and delicious.

  2. Taste of Home recipes NEVER disappoint! Thanks for the tip and the free shipping code. I just ordered 7!

  3. Little Story Here.. I used to have a gift subscription long ago. LOVED thumbing through and reading the recipes. The only problem was, I never really tried any, I just browsed…Then one day I decided to try as many as possible and have close friends over for a sort of “pot luck” but all dishes supplied by me and courtesy of Taste Of Home. They became quite the hit I held one every other month. I would invite about 15 or so close friends over for a Taste of Home at Erica’s and EVERYONE knew what that meant. It was a wonderful way to get together!

    I got married got busy and the parties stopped but 3 months ago I held my first and am ready to start again.

    I love the magazine and am gonna pick up some cookbooks. Thanks Happy.!

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