Thanksgiving Leftovers

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is leftovers. I love to make an open-faced turkey, mashed potato, stuffing and gravy sandwich. I am getting hungry just thinking about it! It is nice to have a bit of variety in your leftovers so I am posting a few Thanksgiving leftover makeover recipe ideas. The most important tip is to not grow weary of turkey sandwiches and throw away those good leftovers!


First save the water, potato water makes the best bread! You can also use leftover mashed potatoes to make potato bread or top your shepherd’s pie.

Sweet Potatoes

If you haven’t tried Laura’s sweet potato muffins you are missing out. They call for a cup of mashed sweet potatoes so use your leftovers to makes these yummy and healthy treats.


I like to use ham in omelets but I also love ham in my absolute favorite recipe for potato soup. This soup is so good, and so bad for you… but if you only eat it once a year….butter, cream, cheese, all my favorite ingredients!


My top two choices for turkey would be turkey pot pie and turkey tetrazzini. The links are for a recipe with chicken, but you can easily substitute turkey. Don’t forget to boil the bones and you will have turkey stock for a long time. If you want even more ideas read Laura’s 20 Leftover Turkey Ideas.


Turkey divan is a twist on chicken divan, but it is a great way to use up your leftover turkey and stuffing.


When making your veggies save the juice and small amounts of leftovers and freeze for later. I add all types of veggies and juice to a container in my freezer. When it is full it is time to make vegetable soup!


Who am I kidding, I think it is a rule that you are not allowed to save any dessert past Black Friday, they must be consumed within a 48 hour period! Seriously though, if you have too many desserts share them with your Canadian neighbors.


  1. I am gaining weight just looking at the pictures! Super tips! Love leftover potatoes for shepards pie. I am going to try the soup. ( diet or no diet!)

  2. Ohhhhh I love the tip about sharing left over deserts with your Canadian neighbors !!! Send some my way ! [0; hee he. When they travel they loose all their calories too, right ? [0;

    I will have to copy these recipes down for sure. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. My mom and brother were up from Washington State this last week. It was such a blessing to come home from a LONG day at the craft fair and eat a AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner…thank you Lord.

    So I already have left over turkey in the over. ((happy dance))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  3. I always eat all the leftovers up around here. Turkey (with cranberry sauce) is my FAVORITE!!!

  4. GREAT ideas! Im printing them off to share w/people on Thanksgiving Day!

  5. Very cool ideas with some neat links, too.

    My DH loves Shepherd’s Pie. (I can’t stand it, myself.) I’m going to give this version a try, and see if we can find a version of Shepherd’s Pie we both like.

    Thanks again!

  6. Great list of recipes to help us all out! Thanks for joining us for TMTT and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Yum! Great looking leftovers! 😀

  8. The turkey tetrazzini looks delicious. I’m definitely trying it!

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