Tip for Saving on Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Many of us want to feed our kids organic fruits and vegetables but just can’t afford it. While shopping at the commissary I noticed that buying organic carrots in bulk was less per pound that buying a bag of regular baby carrots (what I normally buy).

I peeled and sliced the carrots so they were the same size as baby carrots (which my kids love).

They’re getting organic vegetables for less with just a small amount of extra work.

I store them in a container in the fridge and the kids can grab them for a snack whenever they are hungry.

If you don’t have a family that can eat five pounds of carrots in a week you can freeze them for use in pastas, smoothies, stews, and crock pot recipes . Pick your own has directions on how to freeze carrots for long term storage.



  1. I’ve been buying whole carrots for the same reason. I keep all my peelings and ends in a container in the freezer. Then when it’s full I place all the veggie scraps in a pot, cover them with water and make my own veggie broth. Super yummy and make from things that would have been thrown away! (the top three veggies in traditional broth are carrots, celery and onions)

  2. We buy those huge bags of organic carrots all the time. They stay quite well in the freezer and we have a Moroccan Carrot recipe that we LOVE.

    Carrots are one of the more contaminated veggies so it’s great to get those at a good price.

  3. I buy bulk carrots as well. You pay for the convenience of having them trimmed and all. I just do it myself.

  4. This is great – I am looking for new ways to save money and eat healthier. I love the link with the directions for blanching. I keep hearing that term, and it sounds scary, but the instructions make it seem pretty easy. Thanks so much for the great information. I love your site!

  5. You’ve just sold me! I’ve seen those five pound bags of organic carrots and didnt buy them because I thought they’d be wasted. Love this tip.

  6. We have a slicer/dicer/shredder thing that is fabulous. I buy the big bag of carrots and shred a bunch to freeze in zipper bags in 2-cup batches for use in carrot muffins or anything that requires shredded carrots. I also crinkle cut a bunch and freeze them in 2-cup batches for a great dinner veggie. Just grab a bagful and throw them in a pan and cook them up the way you like them–so easy! If you have a bigger family (there are only 3 of us), you can freeze in bigger portions.

  7. Cover them with water when storing them in the fridge. They tasete delicious after they soak up the water. My family won’t eat carrots any other way now. They are so juicy.

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