Tipster Tuesday – Grocery list help

I realize there are many shopping lists available to download for free on the web. I prefer the pen and paper method. I think writing it down helps me to remember it better.

Let’s back up a little and talk about grocery lists.

Question: Why do you need a list when you go to the store?

Answer: Because without a list you will forget something, and you will purchase at least 10 things you don’t need.

Not making a grocery list is probably the easiest way to blow your grocery budget.

Here is how I make my grocery list.

First, I write my menu on the back of the piece of paper. Then on the front, I make my list, based on my menu and anything else we might need for the week. I write the items in the order that I shop the store. Produce, nonperishables, meat, dairy. Then I mark a (C) next to the items that have a coupon. Finally, I put a question mark by items that we don’t really need but I would like to get if I am under budget for the week. Making this list allows me to stay on track and on budget. It also allows me to skip aisles that don’t have anything on my list…. once again, less temptation.

Here are some links to printable shopping lists

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  1. Another good Grocery list site on the web is

    It remembers you items so you can use the list again.

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