Try Cookbooks Before You Buy

Pile O' Cookbooks
Have you ever purchased a cookbook and were disappointed when you tried some of the recipes? This has happened to me more than once. Sometimes the cookbook is good, but it doesn’t suit the needs of our family. Either the recipes are too complicated, ingredients are too hard to find, or every recipe has an ingredient my family dislikes. This actually happened once, when I purchased a cookbook and almost every recipe called for mushrooms or cream of mushroom soup, not a favorite around here.

Tired of disappointments and wasting money, last year I started checking cookbooks out from the library. This allows me two to three weeks to look over the books and decide if the recipes are ones we would enjoy on a regular basis. After trying the cookbook for several weeks it is obvious if we need to own the book. This keeps my cookbook clutter to a minimum, and I haven’t wasted money on books that I won’t use.

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  1. Great advice! I do this often… 🙂

  2. Wow. So simple yet I never thought to do that! Great tip!

  3. I do the very same thing and have for years. I love the library – it’s great for my pocketbook!

  4. danielle says:

    I did this when we first got married…but i never used them…and then i forgot about it til now! thanks!

  5. I hate this… and yet, I fall victim to their beautiful covers and the lovely recipe names seduce me to buy them and then…

    You would think I learn…

  6. I’ve done this for the last few months. It has expanded my recipe file grately. I take it one step further, I keep a note book (bought for 3 cents on clearance) by the chair that I read in and if there is recipe that I like but don’t want the whole book I just jot it down.

  7. Great advice! I’ve done this a few times myself & I either jot down the recipe for my file or copy it out of the book as there’s always recipes that I don’t care for.

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