Valentine’s Giveaway from Pepperidge Farm

If you need to save money on Valentine’s Day how about making a delicious meal at home? Put the kids to bed, create a nice table setting, and enjoy a dinner in instead of out this year.

To help you celebrate Pepperidge Farm would like to give one reader a Valentine’s Celebration set. You’ll get a coupon for the cake, as well as a platter and serving set. I can’t say from experience that this cake is delicious, because the one they sent me was gone before I got home to try it, but my family assures me it was very good.

Three more winners will win coupons good for a free cake so make sure you enter!

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment sharing your favorite Valentine’s Day dessert. Giveaway ends January 16, 2012. 


  1. amy marantino says:

    M&M cookies made with the special red/pink/white M&M’s

  2. I am a chocoholic! My fav valentine dessert is anything chocolate decorated with red, pink, and/or white candy or frosting. Red Velvet is a wonderful dessert! It’s been a while since I’ve had it. 🙂

  3. Anything sweet will do for me. I made a creme brulee one year that turned out really nice. Funds are tighter this year though.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Rasberry-chocolate cheesesake!

  5. Michele Laramay says:

    I always make heart shaped sugar cookies for the family. 🙂

  6. Anthony Thomas dark chocolate raspberry creams. Yum!

  7. My favorite Valentine dessert is the box of chocolates :).

  8. Joyce Miller says:

    The snow will be on the ground and we can wait till warm weather…So we take the time and make Home Made Ice Cream….(& of course with all the toppings)

  9. Sukyee Ng says:

    Creme Brulee without a doubt!

  10. White chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake has always been a favorite, but our wedding cake was red velvet so this would be amazing. 🙂

  11. My husband and I always make chocolate fondue with various dippers.

  12. mini molten chocolate cakes! 🙂

  13. Cheesecake…it’s always, always, always at the top of my hubby’s wish list.

  14. I’m with Amy – I make those M&M cookies every year! But I also have a really great sugar cookie recipe and my kids love to make heart shaped cookies!

  15. Jan Johnson says:

    Anything chocolate!

  16. I will eat pretty much anything! Cheesecake, chocolate lava cakes, oh and especially chocolate covered strawberries!

  17. Shelly Neuhouser says:

    Red Velvet Cake!

  18. Mint choc cocoa with girl scout thin mints by a fire snuggling with my hubby

  19. Christine S. says:

    I like to get a slice of Death By Chocolate cake! Iced sugar cookies from a local bakery are top on my list too!

    Christine in OH

  20. My hubby’s favorite dessert is fresh strawberry pie. I’ll eat almost anything when it comes to dessert!! 🙂

  21. Usually chocolate dipped strawberries.

  22. I love chocolate mousse with real whipped cream for Valentines Day!

  23. Red Velvet Cake!! 🙂

  24. heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!

  25. Kamlyn Jurgensen says:

    Anything chocolate always tops my list.

  26. Chocolate anything.

  27. Amy Sampson says:

    I always make heart shaped brownies but this year I am going to attempt a wonderful looking 14 layer chocolate cake…14 for the 14th:)

  28. I love making cupcakes and decorating with the heart candies and red and pink sugar.

  29. Chocolate cake.

  30. My favorite dessert is anything made with chocolate!!

  31. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and pink sprinkles.

  32. I always buy my husband a giant Hershey’s kiss because he LOVES chocolate. It has become a tradition over 15 years : )

  33. Last year I bought a set of heart stacking cake pans..three tiers but small.. My husband and I each paired up with our two granddaughters (he and Bella, Sophia and I)made a heart cake each and then decorated them. After dinner the girls each brought out the cakes we made ( they had been put out of sight so we’d be surprised). Bella and grandpa shared the one Sophia and I made, and we shared the one that grandpa and Bella made. The girls worked on a card together for us. Granted Valentines Day is normally a day for lovers… But for hubby and I, Bella and Sophia are the loves of our lives.

  34. My favorite Valentine’s dessert is chocolate covered strawberries and mini molten lava cakes! YUM!

  35. Shawnnelle says:

    Chocolate covered strawberries & chocolate covered pretzels.

  36. My husband loves angel food cake, so we usually do that covered in stawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream.

  37. christina robinson says:

    chocolate…anything chocolate

  38. I want to win! Can’t go wrong with cake! 🙂

  39. I’m a big fan of tiramisu.

  40. I don’t have a favorite dessert, but my son’s is Red Velvet cake. I’m a single mom, so my children are my Valentine’s. What a wonderful surprise this would be for them.

  41. Creme Brulee or cheesecake

  42. Anything chocolate!

  43. Anything chocolate! Last year I made mini pies using a heart shaped cookie cutter, pie crust and nutella! Yummy!

  44. We love to make heart shaped sugar cookies! Very yummy!

  45. After reading the other comments, cheesecake does indeed sound delicious and has made its appearance on more than one romantic occasion, but this year I think it’s going to be a flourless chocolate torte. Paired with a nice red wine, of course.

  46. Cheesecake for sure! Something about a strawberry topped cheesecake says love to me!

  47. Brownies baked in individual heart shaped ramekins with heart-shaped sprinkles, fudge sauce and whipped cream on top!

  48. My husband loves strawberries and they always look festive, so probably strawberry shortcake would be a favorite around here. We do love the Pepperidge Farm cakes – esp. the white cake with white frosting.

  49. Chocolate covered strawberries for me and homemade turtles for my husband (his favorite)

  50. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a drizzle of chocolate syrup <3

  51. chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!

  52. We don’t have a traditional dessert, but for this year, we are having red velvet pancakes for breakfast (thanks, Cost Plus).

  53. We love rich chocolate brownies with buttercream frosting … can be cut in heart shapes for Valentines Day.

  54. My favorite is definately chocolate truffle cake. Rich and fudgey and puts you in a super lovey mood:)

  55. Sugar cookies in Valentine’s Day shapes with pink frosting. mmm…

  56. I always enjoy chocolate cheesecake. Red Velvet would be delicious!

  57. We do heart sugar cookies with homemade icing. mmm

  58. We have different desserts every Valentine’s Day. One year it was Cold Stone Creamery, another it was baklava, and yet another it was tiramisu. However, when I was an angsty teenager, I was upset because I wasn’t going to have a valentine’s that year so my Dad bought me some Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were my favorite store bought cookies. And they’re still special to me because of that. 🙂

  59. Anything chocolate gets my vote.

  60. My favorite would have to be chocolate lava cakes. Melted and gooey and fabulous. 🙂

  61. I like anything chocolate!

  62. The husband loves chocolate cake, or heart shaped cookies.

  63. Both me and my husband love double-dipped chocolate covered peanuts. If I had to pick a regular dessert, I would pick strawberry shortcake, and my husband would pick a stacked brownie and ice cream and chocolate fudge dessert.

  64. Chocolate Chip heart shaped cookie cake – yummy!

  65. My absolute favorite valentine dessert is heart shaped chocolate chip cookie cake. Delish!

  66. Chocolate Cupcakes!

  67. I usually do a heart shape cake! What ever flavor the girls feel like making that year, pink and red sprinkles of course.

  68. I still love chocolate covered strawberries.

  69. My husband and I seem to gravitate to this dessert for Valentines! It is a big fudgy brownie that is warmed, then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top! YUM!

  70. hayli heckert says:

    this is actually a hard one for me. i would probably say homemade peach cobbler my mother use to make. it’s my favorite dessert in general. But, I’m sure it would taste extra sweet on valentines day.

  71. My favorite Valentine’s Day dessert is chocolate covered strawberries!!!

  72. Our Valentine’s Day dessert is usually something that I can quickly make. But one year I did go all out and made a chocolate fondu recipe that was WONDERFUL! Best Valentine’s dessert ever!

  73. Heart shaped Rice Krispie treats with red sprinkles and chocolate covered strawberries 🙂

  74. Chocolate covered cherries have always been my favorite Valentine’s desert. Hey PF, new cake idea???

  75. We love having fondue on Valentine’s!

  76. Colleen G. says:

    Chocolate – Chocolate – Chocolate 🙂
    -Colleen G.

  77. raspberry chocolate cheesecake! would love a win to help celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  78. Chocolate mouse!

  79. I love making a cake or cupcake for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  80. my husband’s favorite would be a giant heart shaped Chocolate chip cookie

  81. Carolyn Maves says:

    Chocolate brownies, recipe from Betty Crocker Cookbook, with chocolate frosting!

  82. I love making individual chocolate lava cakes!

  83. Delanna Lynch says:

    Well, that would be ANYTHING chocolate! 🙂 With bonus points awarded for special valentine’s decorations!

  84. Anything chocolate says Valentines Day for me. I usually think of Brownies cut into heart shapes, but during this previous Christmas holiday season, I gathered quite a few Red Velvet recipes, from cake to brownies to cheesecake to cookies. My favorite would probalby be Red Velvet anything!

  85. I like making cupcakes and decorating them with Valentine candy.

  86. Chocolate cakes with liquid centers is probably my favorite.

  87. I like to make x and o cakelettes with strawberry and whip cream!

    Or parfaits, it kind of depends on the year!

  88. Our favorite is a Milky Way Bar Cake, I always make it for Christmas and Thanksgiving and everyone asks for it each special occasion. Its so good and a chocolate lovers dream come true.

  89. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I make a heart shaped cake and frost it with pink frosting. My kids like me to use strawberry cake mix and strawberry frosting too.

  90. What could be better than Red Velvet Cake with chocolate ice cream? Now I can’t wait!

  91. I love red velvet cake

  92. I love the chocolates. Preferably with nuts or chewy stuff inside.

  93. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  94. Linda Shifflett says:

    My favorite is Carrot Cake – YUMMO!!!!

  95. Usually cupcakes for the family, but I would choose chocolate mousse.

  96. My favorite is anything chocolate! But I’ll pretty much eat any kind of baked, bread-based treat 🙂 However my husband doesn’t like chocolate (I know!!) so I usually just get him various candies. It’s harder than you might think to find candy during any holiday that *doesn’t* have chocolate in it. This would be the perfect compromisable treat for us!

  97. Frances Piatt says:

    I love making a chocolate “giant” cupcake with cherry filling in the middle and a cream cheese frosting to top it off!. Pepperidge Farm cakes have been a staple in my family since I was young and still use them for holidays and birthdays.

  98. A German Chocolate cake is my favorite

  99. Typical, but I love anything chocolate! 🙂

  100. Bridget Harrison says:

    I love chocolate covered strawberries when I can find a deal on them. They’re a valentine’s treat for me and the hubby both! 🙂

  101. Stephanie Griffin says:

    Hands down – Tres Leches cake!

  102. see’s chocolates

  103. Chocolate ganache cake!

  104. Pat Schultz says:

    My favorite Valentine dessert would be decorated heart sugar cookies!

  105. I actually LOVE red velvet cake, so this is the giveaway for me!! I’ve made cake balls using red velvet cake and chocolate almond bark…they are sooooo amazingly yummy, you can’t eat just one! Or two. Or five. 🙂

  106. Cherry cheesecake – yum!

  107. Cherry Cheese Pie – Yum! But I could totally be happy with PF Red Velvet Cake! 😉

  108. My kids love to have individual Strawberry Shortcake but may have to change the plan this year to red hot cookies or valentine m&m cookies.

  109. My first V-day with DH I made him a heart-shaped cookie cake. Just chocolate chip cookie batter shaped into a big heart. You have to cook it a little longer at lower heat. Let it cool and decorate with icing. Pretty easy.

  110. My favorite would have to be my homemade, heart-shaped, classic sugar cookie. LOVE those and so does my family!

  111. mary mitchell says:

    We like red velvet cake.

  112. Yummy! Chocolate Cake is my favorite but the picture on the box of the Red Velvet looks yummy!

  113. anything chocolate!

  114. Individual chocolate souffles – so good!

  115. Anything chocolate!

  116. We love to make heart shaped sugar cookies at our house.

  117. Chocolate covered strawberries!!!

  118. I love to make a chocolate toffee torte. Yummy!

  119. I like cake pops.

  120. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  121. Tammy Willaimson says:

    anything with choc is a fave for our family

  122. I’m a fan of anything chocolate, but we head to the Cheesecake Factory for Valentine dessert!

  123. I like cherry cobbler. With homemade whipped cream. Yum.

  124. I love fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate!

  125. I love chocolate covered strawberries , but my husband would prefer red velvet cake.

  126. Since I am not a baker at all, I love any dessert given to me! But to name just one would be cannolies

  127. Crepes! With whipped cream, berries, and chocolate.

  128. Linda Dietz says:

    Our favorite would have to be the “cake with 1,000 names” such as Better than Robert Redford. In our household it is just known as the delicious Heath Bar Cake! It’s requested for birthdays, potlucks, holidays. ANY day is a good day for a piece of that cake!

  129. Kim Hanners says:

    My favorite dessert for Valentines Day is German Chocolate Cake!

  130. Definitely anything chocolate – even for my whole family!!! this would be great!

  131. I would have to say something chocolate is my fave Valentine’s Day dessert–and Red Velvet cake totally qualifies:))) I didn’t know Pepperidge Farm even made this!!

  132. Bananas Foster! Yummm!

  133. Erica Bunce says:

    My husband and I both love homemade cheesecake of any kind. Don’t have ti very often because it is so rich, but so wonderful.

  134. Creme brulee & raspberries shared with my hubby!

  135. Deb Sheffield says:

    Cherry Cheesecake…with Red Velvet being my hubbie’s favorite! We’ve dieted for a lttle over a year now and have each lost 70+pounds, so THIS Valentine’s Day I will make a dessert for us…it would be wonderful to win this one. Thanks for the opportunity! Love love love your blog, too…

  136. I love peanut butter kiss cookies

  137. Rebecca L. says:

    I love anything chocolate and we love red velvet cake too.

  138. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

  139. Anything with chocolate in it is a winner in my book!

  140. Chocolate covered strawberries

  141. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely chocolate cake!

  142. Sherry lykins says:

    Cherry cheesecake!’

  143. I love love love chocolate covered key lime cheesecake covered in coconut…OMGEEE so rich and yummy

  144. Hershey’s Kisses 🙂

  145. I love tiramisu!

  146. Red Velvet Cake or New York style Cheesecake

  147. Our favorite is lemon squares!!

  148. My favorite is red velvet cake every year for valentines day my mom use to make a homemade red velvet cake with homemade icing in the shape of a heart. It was a great tradition that me and my siblings loved

  149. Erin Transfiguracion says:

    red velvet chocolate cake!!!! YUM!

  150. I usually make a heart shaped chocolate cake.

  151. Morton’s Chocolate Lava Cake or Chocolate Fondue with bananas or pound cake!

  152. any assorted box of chocolates

  153. I love chocolate mousse!

  154. Chocolate Cake!

  155. Marsha H. says:

    Double chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream.

  156. I love Lindt truffles and Ferrio Roche and my husband gets me those every year

  157. Paula Morgan says:

    Very favorite V-day eat …. fresh sliced strawberries over a thick slice of homemade chocolate pound cake (not fattening!!!), guaranteed to make me feel “lovable”.

  158. Chocolate chip brownies! With homemade vanilla ice cream on the side.

  159. I always think pie is a good dessert. 🙂

  160. I love chocolate cake with pink peppermint icing. Yum!

  161. Chocolate cake, it’s just so good!

  162. We love anything chocolate 🙂 Cake, brownies, fudge, etc. Thanks for the give away. I’d love to win.

  163. German Chocolate Cake. It’s my husband’s favorite.


  164. My favorite is peanut butter cake brownies! And of course red velvet cake!

  165. Amanda Cameron says:

    Ooo, you just can’t go wrong with cheesecake!!

  166. Anything red velvet!

  167. Brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce! With whipped creme on top of course 😉 My daughter likes to add pink sprinkles on top for valentines day fun.

  168. Tiramisu!!! It’s perfect for sharing!

  169. I love red velvet.

  170. Love anything chocolate!!!

  171. Becky Van Volkinburg says:

    I love Creme Brulee!

  172. Brussels Cookies

  173. My favorite dessert for Valentine’s Day would have to be Chocolate Molten cake with vanilla ice cream on the side. MMM….now I want some. LOL!

  174. Sometimes I make chocolate chip cookies with Valentine’s M&Ms. Also, my kids like “strawberry pie with no strawberries” – it’s made with jello and cool whip and it’s pink, so they think it’s Valentinesy.

  175. I think my favorite dessert for Valentines day has to be red velvet cake with ice cream. It’s kind of a tradition for hubby and I.

  176. I used to drool over chocolate lava cake with raspberries, but after two kids my tastebuds have really changed. Now, I go nuts for orange pound cake with dark chocolate drizzled over and a little bit of powdered sugar to top it.

  177. Devin Bernath says:

    For sure RED VELVET, but the cream cheese frosting is the key!!

  178. RED VELVET is amazing, its going to be my wedding cake very soon. But I do love cheesecake on Valentines Day.

  179. I love chocolate fondue with assorted dippers (strawberries, pineapple, bananas, oranges, apples, marshmallows, Rice Krispies Treats, pound cake, shortbread cookies, cheesecake, brownies, pretzel sticks, potato chips, etc.) So yummy, and it’s kind of romantic to sit around the warm pot and dip your delicacies.

  180. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  181. Creme brulee!

  182. Janet Wiebe says:

    My favourite Valentine’s Day Desert is homemade vanilla ice cream hand churned by my kids!!

  183. red velvet cake–really!!!

  184. I love red velvet cake, coincidentally. I think it’s tied with simple pound cake, whip cream, and strawberries for a Valentine’s Day favorite 😀

  185. My favorite valentines dessert is red hot cinnamon candy

  186. Baked Alaska! So yummy! Looks fancy! Yet… SO EASY! 🙂

  187. Cheesecake!

  188. I would have to say “Lava Cakes”. So chocolatey and gooey. DELISH!!!

  189. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

  190. Kristy Riedl says:

    Sugar cookies frosted by my kiddo–with LOTS of sprinkles EVERYWHERE!

  191. My favorite Valentine treat is Pepperidge Farm’s Coconut Cake!

  192. Tiramisu – delicious!

  193. Christine says:

    Almond roca or Red Velvet anything!

  194. I love a cherry cheese cake

  195. I’m with Bonnie @ 5:55 – Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake!

  196. Kara Mint Truffles!!! YUM!

  197. Tammy Gilbert says:

    cheesecake or pecan pie…either one works for me!

  198. Chocolate or strawberry cheesecake!

  199. Anything chocolate 🙂

  200. Bordeaux chocolates from Sees Candy

  201. My favorite Valentine’s dessert is chocolate covered strawberries.

  202. Black Forest Cake 🙂

  203. I love dirt…for any dessert, anytime.

  204. I love red velvet!

  205. My favorite dessert is Edward’s Key Lime Pie.

  206. I think red velvet is probably the most perfect due to the color and alll….. but cheesecake definitely works in a pinch!

  207. Red Velvet is a family favorite at Valentines – My whole family loves the theme of the day. But hubby and I only have a small piece and save some time and room for dark chocolate! Thank you!

  208. Tiramisu!! 🙂

  209. Cheesecake or red velvet!

  210. Christina verdejo says:

    Ohhhh I love cheesecake.

  211. Sara Leslie says:

    I’m always a fan of chocolate cake! Yum!

  212. I adore chocolate covered strawberries or decadent brownie and mint ice cream cake. Yummy!

  213. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting goes perfect with any Valentine dinner. It’s a family favorite.

  214. Cheesecake!

  215. CHOCOLATE!!! Anything w/ chocolate, anytime, for any reason! But usually my husband and I have cheesecake for dessert on Valentine’s Day and we did a “date-in” last year – our kids are too old to just put to bed, but we fed them early and they did a great job staying in their rooms while Dad & Mom had some alone time for dinner!

  216. Cheesecake with fresh strawberries!

  217. chocolate covered strawberries & champagne!!!

  218. I love cheesecake.

  219. Virginia Tadrzynski says:

    carrot cake. gotta have it….ANY holiday.

  220. veronica dasta says:

    Anything chocolate

  221. Creme Brulee Martini

  222. It’s cliche I know, but anything chocolate is a sure way for my husband to win my heart. 🙂

  223. I am not a huge cake fan, but my hubby loves anything raspberry – since the color works for Valentine’s day, I usually make something with raspberry filling or raspberry sauce. Simple ice cream with raspberry sauce is amazing.

  224. molten chocolate lava cake!

  225. Our favorite valentine’s day dessert is a delicious dark chocolate mocha cake! It’s so rich and delicious and a special treat we don’t make often. 🙂

  226. I’d have to say chocolate dipped strawberries.

  227. Chocolate dipped Strawberries!

  228. I love Creme Brulee for Valentine’s day

  229. Heart shaped cookies with red and pink frosting, can’t forget the sprinkles.

  230. Molten Chocolate cake

  231. I have to say I’m an ice cream kind of girl….chocolate drizzled with some honey…..honey is healthy, right? 😉

  232. Cupcakes! White with chocolate frosting or chocolate on chocolate!

  233. I love hot fudge cake for Valentines Day or any time!!