Venison Steak Marinade

Here is a recipe for a delicious venison marinade. You can use this for making jerky or for a plain steak marinade. I realize this isn’t a holiday recipe, but since hunting season is in full swing around the country I figured a good venison recipe was appropriate.

There are no measurements, just use the amount you like. I use a lot of garlic and brown sugar because those are two of my favorite ingredients!

  • soy sauce
  • a little bit of brown sugar
  • some garlic
  • some liquid smoke
  • a bit of pepper



  1. Sherry Wallace says:

    Hi, I just LOVE your website, and I have followed the birth of your latest daughter, and she is soooo cute, as are your other children!

    My husband and sons are AVID deer hunters. I am looking for venison recipes, and didn’t know if you or anyone else had any to share?

    My sons are married and I have one grandson, Hunter 2 1/2.

    Thank you for any response you may be able to give me.


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