Water Slide Cake

If you are looking for a fun summer birthday cake idea try this water slide cake! It is easy to put together and the kids will love it!
Water Slide Cake at The Happy Housewife

Water Slide Cake



Yield 12


  • One 9 x 13 inch cake
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Frosting
  • Fruit by the Foot variety pack


  1. Frost the cake.
  2. Build a triangle shape with the Rice Krispie treats for the water slide.
  3. Cover the triangle with blue and green Fruit by the Foot
  4. Place the Rice Krispie piece on top of the cake.
  5. Add wave shaped Fruit by the Foot around the side of the cake.
  6. Decorate with remaining Fruit by the Foot pieces.



  1. Are those really “Gushers” or rolled up fruit by the foot pieces? Look similar to “Gushers”.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I think my friend said it was a variety pack, so maybe the “Gushers” were in the pack? Or it could have been a separate pack of them. I’ll ask.

  2. What a cute cake! Looks like a lot of work. Some people’s creativity simply amazes me!

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