Wear An Apron

My tip today is to wear an apron. I almost always wear one in the kitchen while I am cooking or cleaning. In the past, I ruined many nice clothes by splattering food or oil on myself. Now I wear an apron, it protects my clothes and I wash it every few days. Recently, I have started wearing my apron for most of the day. When the kids come and give me really messy hugs, they get the apron and not me. It also helps when we are doing craft projects and cleaning other rooms of the house. I find that many days I am able to hang my pants back up at the end of the day if I have worn an apron. This saves time and money by decreasing laundry.

Here is a picture of my favorite apron. My neighbor gave it to me because she was tired of seeing me in my plain old green apron. This one is from Japan, and I love it.

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  1. My mom and grandmom always wore an apron. I really should have had one on yesterday! Would have saved my jeans from oil paint. I love your apron pictured. It is so cheerful.

  2. Well, I tried to post a comment about your apron, but I keep getting the message that it appears to be spam.

    I guess I won’t be able to share my thoughts.

  3. I really like your apron. I think it would be fun to do a S&T Friday of just our aprons. My denim apron doesn’t cover all that well. I do have one with a Christmas theme on it that covers much better. It just doesn’t feel right to wear it this time of year.

  4. I love aprons too. I need to remember to wear mine every day. Yours is beautiful.

  5. Same here. I have the ones from Sam’s. Nice and thick. Look dull but they do the trick.

  6. My grandmothers wore them…and like everything it all comes back!

    I’m going to go eBaying next to buy one…I love yours, is it for sale?!

    I also love the title of your blog it’s the story of my life as well, but with God’s wonderful care it’s very doable!

    Nice post!

  7. HAHAHA! I need to do this! I have ruined several, several clothes by dripping oil or dressing on them! YIKES! I should prolly wear one while I eat as well. LOL

  8. I wear aprons most days. I like the butcher style, but in bright colors and patterns, and with at least one pocket.

  9. I LOVE aprons. I’m pregnant so the belly getting in the way requires one just about all the time these days! But I love wearing them anyway. I love them so much that I make and sell them! My grandma’s always wore them when I was growing up and when I started making them, I decided it would be so much more fun for them to be cute and modern! This is a great kitchen tip!

  10. Good Morning!

    I wear aprons, too! I love them, and actually find that I get more accomplished in a day because it puts me in the ‘work’ frame of mind.

    I love your apron; it’s so cute!

    Have a lovely day~

  11. Robin Sampson says:

    Cute apron!

    Love aprons ‘specially the kind like Grandma wore.

    My boys tackled our plactics kitchen cabinets.

  12. I need to get me some aprons!! I don’t have any and I can tell you I get tired of having to spot treat EVERY shirt that I wear!!

    Now to find some!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is one thing I NEED to invest in. I like the ones like yours that are a full apron. I have some that are fadded but I would love to get a pretty one. Thank you for this GREAT and almost forgotten TWT.

    Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  14. Oh yes, I must get better at this! We are currently 6 months pregnant, and baby is always “getting dirty” and I have been stain treating shirts! The sad thing is, I have beautiful aprons hanging in the kitchen, I just forget to put them on!

  15. I love aprons!! They are always so fun to wear too!

  16. Great tip! I have one & never wear it and I really should start!

    Your’s is alot nicer than my plain ‘ol burgundy one though!

  17. I love aprons and I have a bunch – my problem is remembering to put one on…or remembering but feeling too lazy to get one out. I almost bought a cute vintage one at the thrift store yesterday but then I thought – I’m not even regularly wearing the ones I’ve got!

  18. Yours is cute! I’m really getting into wearing them too. I will admit, however, that when neighbors stop over or see me on the porch I feel sort of self-conscious… gotta get over that!

  19. Seeing this has made up my mind! I need and want an apron. I have come across some patterns for a crocheted one, so now it’s official. I will make my very first apron, but in the mean time I probably should go buy one. Where would I get an apron by the way?

  20. I think I will start wearing an apron. Know where I can find a nice one??? 🙂

  21. Ha! I need an apron because I’m always spilling something. Right now I have one that belonged to my mom. I’d like to get matching ones for my daughters and I.

  22. What a good idea! And what a cute apron!

  23. I live in my apron throughout the day. I almost feel lost without it!

    You’re right- it makes such a difference on the laundry, too! Before I wore an apron, I would spend so much time trying to get stains out of my clothes.

    I really need to get another apron or two!

  24. What an adorable apron! I love that, I don’t usually find aprons in my size though. I would have to make them. I have thought about that recently though, because I keep finding stains on my clothes after they have been through the drier! I don’t realize how many greasy fingers touch my shirt throughout the day!

    Thanks for the tip.

    Amy B

  25. My 4 year old is to the point where he’ll “scold” me if I’m in the kitchen and not wearing an apron. For shame! 🙂 “MOMMY – you’re not wearing your APRON!!!”

  26. I have a couple of aprons but I hate wearing them because of their style. I have a couple of patterns that I am going to make.

    Aprons are good ideas for keeping clean but I think they have another purpose. I think they help me keep my mind on being more “feminine” which is very difficult for me because I have always been a strong willed woman. I am trying to become the woman with a gentle spirit and my apron helps me do that.

  27. I have just become a lover of aprons myself. Especially vintage aprons, they are just so neat. I’m partial to the half apron and unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to keep me clean! I agree with Mavis, to be more feminine and gentle spirited is why I started wearing it as well. I need all the help I can get to get out of my tomboyishness.

  28. Oh – I have a sassy apron I love, but forget to wear it. I’ll have to put a reminder somewhere until aprons become a habit. 🙂

  29. cute apron!

  30. I love my apron. I wear it all the time while I am in the kitchen. My grandmother wore her apron’s all the time and every time I put my on I can feel my grandmother’s love and her arms hugging me.


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