3 Moms ~ Weekend Wreck

Weekends are the toughest time for me to menu plan. Since we live in the greater D.C. area, we try to do some sightseeing each weekend and meals usually end up being snacks or leftovers.
On Saturday morning had whole wheat waffles. They were quite yummy. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

My oldest daughter and I had to run errands so that meant Dad and the other five were on their own for lunch. In our pre-frugal days this would have meant a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or some other insane place, but when we arrived home the kids were drinking fruit smoothies.

On Saturday afternoon, the big kids went with my husband to work in the garden. I stayed at home and made 2 chicken pot pies, potato salad, whole wheat rolls, and the salmon cakes.
For dinner we had salmon cake sandwiches on whole wheat buns, grapes, pineapple, applesauce, and potato salad.

Sunday morning we had leftover waffles and cinnamon rolls. For lunch we had hot dogs and leftovers, with some carrots.

Dinner was (and I am ashamed to admit this) the kids had ice cream, eggs, waffles, and yogurt. My husband and I went to Outback.

I am glad the weekend is over and we can get back on our meal schedule even though our week is hectic.

Good point from our weekend ~ we stayed within our budget for meals

Bad point from our weekend ~ not enough fruits and vegetables

Don’t forget to visit Joy and Kate’s blogs to see if they fared better than I did this weekend.


  1. Congratulations on staying on budget over the weekend. It’s the biggest challenge for us too. Your baking looks fabulous.

  2. What kind of waffle iron do you use? I don’t have one, but I’ve always wanted one because my kids love waffles. I’ve used a few over the years, but I’ve never liked how I’ve had to clean them.

  3. I love my Waring Pro Restaurant Style for Thick Belgian Waffles. (The kind that you flip over after you pour in the batter-like they have at kid-friendly hotels where a complimentary breakfast is offered.) After much review reading and price comparing, found it at Sams Club for about half of what other places charged. I think I paid about $40-$45 (they still carry it). Well worth it as we use it all the time and have had it over 3 yrs. It is teflon coated and wipes out with a paper towel when needed (which isn’t often) Good luck.

  4. hi I’m new to your site and love reading through all your posts. Congrats on baby #7. Are you wanting a boy or girl? I will drop by again soon. Have a blessed day.

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