Menu Plan: Whole Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

A few of my kids are out of town this week so I don’t need to cook for an army. I have a whole chicken in the crock pot and I hope to use the meat for our meals this week.


Valentine’s Breakfast Special

served with fruit

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Muffins

served with smoothies

Menu Plan: Low Cost Meals

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes

served with fruit

French Toast made with Maple Oat Bread

The Lunch List

  • Sandwiches
  • Quesadillas
  • Grilled cheese
  • Leftovers
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Smoothies
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit and veggies
  • Baked Potato
  • Sweet Potato


Chicken Enchiladas

Mexican Chicken Skillet

Chicken Tetrazinni

Chicken Pot Pie on the Fly

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  1. Those chicken dishes look delicious!! I still have a whole turkey (14 lbs I think) in the freezer. It was a gift from my husband’s office. I may have to do the same thing as you, but with turkey meat. Hmmmm…. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  2. The Chicken Pot Pie recipe looks yummy!

    Have a great week!

  3. These dishes look delicious! I also cook a chicken, and use the meat in various dishes. I make a lot of stir fries which are good for the budget.
    I can’t even imagine what it must be like to cook for so many! I only cook for my hubby and myself, and I am worn out with the planning, shopping (I check all of the weekly ads and shop from store to store) cooking, and cleaning up.

  4. All of these recipies look good. I have tried to use a chicken for a whole week with little sucess. What do you do to portion the chicken?

  5. Muffins are my go-to breakfast food because the reheat so well in the oven or microwave. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and am looking forward to trying your brown sugar cinnamon muffins recipe.

  6. Yum egg in a hole is always a crowd pleaser at my home 🙂 MM and that Chicken Enchiladas recipe looks good!

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