Whole Wheat Tortillas: Ask Happy

A question from Krystin:

Hi Happy!

I plan on using your recipe for homemade tortillas later this week, but was wondering if I can use whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and if the measurements would be the same? I’m just starting to make my own breads, etc, and am still confused on measurements.

Absolutely! In fact the first time I made these tortillas it was using whole wheat flour from the store. We sold them at a bake sale and they sold out in a about an hour!

The only thing I would do different if using whole wheat flour is to add the water slowly while mixing. Depending on the flour combination and humidity you will need to adjust the amount of water used in the tortilla recipe, but only slightly.


You can find the original tortilla recipe here.


  1. We used whole wheat (freshly ground) in our tortilla recipe all the time. In fact I’m not sure I ever used white flour. Now we make gluten free tortillas that are just as yummy as the wheat ones.

  2. Hmmmm, maybe I should try tortillas again using your recipe. We eat lots (and I mean lots) of tortillas. In fact, we eat those more than bread. I got very discouraged trying to make these before. It took too long and they weren’t that great. Also, had a horrible experience with corn tortillas. I have a corn tortilla press and all I did was make a mess – even with using wax paper on each side of the press. But, I also hate spending so much $ on tortillas when homemade would be so much more economic and no preservatives.

  3. Thanks for the info!! Homemade tortillas are absolute heaven and now that I know I can use whole wheat, I’m going to have to give these a try. They look delish!

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