Wilton Birthday Celebrations Review and Giveaway

This contest is now closed. The randomly chosen winner is Tina. Congratulations!

As you know birthdays come frequently at our house. The spring is an especially busy time as we celebrate four birthdays in six weeks. Let’s just say I am ready for break from cake after April! I love baking my own cakes for the kids, it is cheaper and tastes so much better! Sometimes I spend hours creating the perfect Barbie masterpiece and other times I need a little help getting a birthday cake done in time.

I was so excited when Wilton asked me if I would like to experiment with their new line of birthday products. When the box arrived my children were literally squealing with delight as the looked through all the adorable cake toppers and cupcake wraps. Have you ever seen a cupcake wrap? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago, they take your cupcakes from blah to wow, in about 15 seconds!

My girls eagerly picked out all the princess decorations and got busy planning their birthday cakes and cupcakes. What I loved about these decorating helps from Wilton is that they make it easy to decorate a cake. Even a novice cake decorator can have professional looking cakes using a few accessories.

Last week my husband had surgery right before my daughter’s birthday. My cake baking time was limited, but I was able to make a princess cake using some of the princess decorations from Wilton. She was thrilled with her simple but cute cake (she wanted me to draw her on the top of the cake in her new dress), and I was happy I didn’t have to spend a few hours creating our next masterpiece.

I am convinced that sprinkles and a few decorations can make any average cake an awesome cake. You don’t have to be a professional cake decorator to create great looking cakes for significantly less than the store bought cakes.

Wilton wants to give one of my readers the opportunity to try out some of their newest birthday products. I am sure the winner will be as impressed as I was at this cute line of decorating products. I am eagerly awaiting each birthday so I can try out another accessory!

This package, which has $180 dollars worth of cake decorating products, including pans, gels, sprinkles, and toppers is sure to turn even a novice cake decorator into a pro! To enter to win leave a comment telling me whether you normally bake or buy cakes. I will pick a random winner on Saturday February 27, 2010.


  1. I normally bake their favorite cake. My decorating isn’t the prettiest but it improves everytime I make one.

  2. Always bake cakes…never buy! What a fun giveaway! I would love to give these products a try!

  3. Serena Morrow says:

    We usually buy birthday cakes because my husband likes the fancy looking ones. But I think they are gross and have way too much frosting. The last couple of birthdays I have made cakes and decorated them myself. They weren’t the prettiest but they were the tastiest! I just need some practice.

    • I bake all of our cakes and we also have a busy spring – we have three birthdays within five weeks here in the house and we add five more with cousins, aunts, and grandpa -guess who gets to bake those ones. What an awesome surprise if I could try out Wilton’s new products this birthday season! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I normally bake cakes for birthdays, but I’ve never decorated cakes very much other than piping Happy Birthday. I’d love to try the Wilton birthday products 🙂

  5. I normally bake my own. But, being stationed in Germany for the past few years has seriously reduced how “cute” my cakes can get because I have no selection of fun things to decorate with. I’d LOVE to win this!

  6. I almost always bake a cake. It’s cheaper, healthier, and I feel good knowing *I* made them their favorite cake!

  7. I always make cakes for birthdays. It’s part of the celebration for me.

  8. OOOOOH!!!! Please let me win! lol

    I used to bake cakes, though I haven’t baked anything in a while now. I intend to begin again as soon as my baking goods are unpacked from the storage shed from the latest move (hooooney, I can’t lift the boxes, please bring them in!)

  9. I usually make our cakes unless my boys make a request for one that I just can’t do! Last year my little guy wanted a very specific green Yoda cake. I had no idea where to start, so I left that one up to the pros! But then my other guy wanted a lego cake, that I could do..and I did well, thank you very much! Thanks for the chance!

  10. I bake my own. (have to with 7 cakes a year to bake for birthdays) and love love love Wilton but it’s hard to come by where I live in Quebec. Great giveaway!!

  11. I bake my own cakes….I love getting creative and trying to create whatever the kids think of….I bought a box of different colors to color my frosting and was able to make a big Mickey Mouse head for my daughter last year!

  12. We love baking our own cakes! Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. I always bake our own cakes.. but the level of decorations vary.. from a full out basket of flowers to chocolate shavings or sprinkles.

  14. I usually buy the cakes because I am usually so tired from working that I don’t want to bother with making them. Having ways like these to simplify it makes me want to start making my own. I have made some special ones over the years like my step-daughter’s sweet 16 palm tree (aloha party) and my daughter’s flower cake that she fell in love with last year.

    Will definitely be checking these out though!

  15. I have passed on the decorating of cakes to my 15 year old daughter. She really enjoys making each new cake.

    I’d love to get this for her, she would have so much fun with all the goodies!

  16. I only bake! I don’t care for store bought cakes or even those from our local bakery. I love getting to be creative with the decorating.

  17. We normally bake our own cakes! Not such a fan of the ones you buy at the store.

  18. I normally bake cakes. I love the aroma that fills the kitchen as it goes from just batter to a delicious treat. I plan on making my daughter’s first birthday cake in a couple of months, so this would come in really handy. Thanks!

  19. I like to bake my own cakes although I could use some help in the decorating department!

  20. I usually buy cakes, as I seem to be cake-baking deficient. But I would love to try these decorating items; they might be just what I need to try again!

  21. A close family friend has always made our cakes. However, because of some health problems she is no longer able to! I would LOVE to start baking our own cakes! (Especially since we just added a birthday to the calendar last week~ SO Thankful for baby Ezra!)

  22. I am just starting to make our cakes instead of buying them!

  23. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I usually bake cakes for birthdays. My family prefers homemade cakes. I would LOVE to win this!! It would make my cakes look so much better.

  24. I’ve never bought a cake. Although, at 2 in the morning when I’m piping eyelashes on Cinderella, I’ve WANTED to buy a cake!

  25. I usually bake whatever cake the kids want. Its tradition in our house.

  26. We actually alternate between buying and making a cake. We let the children decide if they want their favorite home-made cake or a “undecorated” one from Walmart in which we bring home and decorate ourselves. It is all part of their special day!

  27. My mom was a cake maker when I was growing up and I’m a cake snob because of it. I’ve never had a store bought cake that I liked. So I always make my own cakes.

  28. I always bake cakes for my kid’s birthdays, but they are never decorated fancy. I would love to try though!

  29. We usually go without cake because we are too frugal to buy one and I am too scared to make one (except for our son – we did get buy a cake for his party). I would love to win these products to give me the confidence to try baking our cakes!! 🙂

  30. I normally bake a cake for my own children. My mother is very into cake decorating and I would probably borrow her supplies to make cuter cakes but that is hard to do when she is hundreds of miles away (which is only going to get longer this summer 🙁 ). I would love to try out some of the new products and see what kind of cute things we could create!

  31. We have, on occasion, purchased birthday cakes. Generally, though, I bake. My decorating skills aren’t great, but I’m working on it!

  32. If it’s a low-key occasion, I’ll bake from a box. If it’s a special occasion, I usually buy (to avoid any potential goofs.) 🙂

  33. I always make their cakes. I would love to be a better decorator, but I try to make them fun even if my skills are lacking.

  34. I almost always make them. I’ve had the same 2 Wilton tips I’ve used for years. I sometimes print out a picture and sandwich it with clear contact paper for the center design. Then frost away!

  35. I always bake my own cakes. I started when the kids were very young and now they don’t like the taste of bought cakes/icing. I am not great at decorating, but try my best and they are always happy with them. I would love the opportunity to try all these decorating things!

  36. I bake the cakes for all our occasions. It’s just so satisfying creating something beautiful from scratch. I love Wilton products you were so lucky! I’d never seen a cupcake wrap before either can’t wait to try some out. I could spend hours just putting designs onto frosting it’s so much fun & birthday’s are so important to me & my kids.

  37. Oh, how exciting! I know how you feel about too much cake by the end of April…..my three kids were all born in the Spring and I’ve only missed baking the older girls’ cakes once, the year our son was born!! It is my “mommy mission” to home-bake their birthday cakes every year and to have a special theme they help pick. We’ve done Lady Bugs, Barbie, Pooh, Rock Star, Race Cars, Firefighters and Pirates just to name a few. As soon as Christmas is packed away, they begin planning their big day!! This Wilton Party Pack looks fabulous and I would love to win, so we can make more birthday fun!

  38. I think I enjoy baking and decorating the cakes *almost* as much I like eating them! I can’t say that I have much talent at the decorating part, but I do have fun!

  39. I bake my own cakes and decorate them but need a lot of help in that department. Love your site.

  40. I bake my own. Yes, they are lumpy, lopsided and imperfect…. but we love them and I wouldnt have it any other way. Unless of course I become an expert!!! I watch all the cake decorating shows on the food channels and they make it look SO EASY! But I still enjoy my simple little successes.

  41. My little guy has peanut allergies, so we have to bake — buying is not a safe option. Easy ways to make homemade look better are always appreciated.

  42. I bake the cakes! Love to do it too! Thanks for the chance to win. I would LOVE to have this stuff 🙂

  43. I usually bake cakes, but could use all the help I can get in making them look better!

  44. I bake my own cake, I think it makes it that much more personal and special. I just made a Little Einsteins cake that was AWESOME for my daughter who just turned 3 last week. My next daughter turns one next month…this would be fun to win 🙂

  45. SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!! this is SO SO SO awesome!!!!! I think I am decorating heaven!! And I am crossing my fingers!!!!!

    When I do need cupcakes I bake them. I love baking, it relaxes me 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this.. as if you couldn’t tell!!!!

  46. I bake cakes. I’m not a big fan of dry store bought cakes. Homemade is yummy! 🙂 I love having fun decorating too.

  47. I love to bake birthday cakes – I just made my little girl’s first birthday cake. Would love to win this! 🙂

  48. I almost always make the birthday cakes around here. I love doing the decorating. This year we had Mickey’s Clubhouse.

  49. I make all of our cakes as well. I used to get more fancy with the decorating, but limited time has necessitated simpler cakes. These products look like they would really help create some cute cakes in no time.

  50. Jennifer Weigant says:

    I do both…depends on how much time I have. I like to bake but decorating is not really my forte…

  51. I normally buy cakes. I’m still learning how to make things at home/from scratch and have yet to attempt a cake (other than out of the box and that’s not for birthdays). I’d like to learn though!

  52. Cherrill Hartsfield says:

    I was asked by my 10 yr old DD not to make her cake this year. =(
    She is 11 today! I love to get in the kitchen and try new things. The Wilton website offers great instruction and ideas from the forum section are great. Wishing your house full a very Happy Birthday and many blessings to come.

  53. I bake and decorate my own…it’s one of my favorite hobbies!!

  54. Kristi Cushman says:

    I love to make my own cakes, but don’t feel i am that good at it….maybe this will help 🙂

  55. I normally bake my own cakes, something a bit more special about it. Plus, it is fun to experiment with all the decorating stuff.

  56. I normally make a cake/dessert based on what the birthday child wants. My children do not care for the store bought cakes and most of it is not eaten (except Mom eats too much to keep it from going to waste). This is such a neat prize. My girls would have so much fun with this.

  57. I love to bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes for my children, husband and other family members. I am by no means an expert, and it probably takes a professional a fraction of the time it takes me. Even though it requires patience and is sometimes messy when I have “helpers”, the end result and the memories made are so worth it! I love that my 4 year old and even my 20 month old remember the cakes I’ve made for them and for family celebrations! They start thinking about what kind of creations they want me to make for the next occasion, before we’ve even sliced the current cake! It’s also a great creative outlet for me (kind of like coloring and painting with the kids) in an otherwise busy mom day!

  58. We have bought ice cream cakes before but typically I bake a cake from scratch. My first attempt at decorating was my son’s star wars cake last year. It was AWESOME! I’m at a loss about how to do our girls cakes so I would LOVE this!

  59. I usually bake cakes. I am trying to get the kids to think of fun birthday desserts instead of cakes because 3 months of the year we have double birthdays and I get a little burnt out on the cake……so far they aren’t into that idea…..

  60. sarah burke says:

    i bake! this stuff looks adorable! i especially love cupcakes!

  61. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a cake, but I also hadn’t really done more than add icing until my son’s first birthday when I started to experiment with decorating.

  62. I usually make birthday cakes, always on a budget and they do taste so much better.

  63. I used to bake cakes ALL the time. I took a couple cake decorating courses before my kids were born. Super fun!! We’re temporarily sugar-free but I do love cake decorating and would love to get back into it someday.

  64. Bake, Bake, Bake!

  65. I am a huge Ace of Cakes fanatic. I have made a football cake and a skateboarding cake for two bdays in the past couple of months. It’s a lot of time, but I love the outcome and the shocked faces when they learned that YOU made it and did not buy it from the store. Our family only buys cookie cakes if we have to, but real cakes are homemade from now on.


  66. I normally buy the cakes for my kids because they pick out the big, fancy ones to go along with whatever them they like. But I bake something for my husband…he likes something a little more plain. I’d love to be able to try decorating my own though!

  67. I bake all my children’s birthday cakes! What an awesome giveaway. *Squeal*

  68. We normally make our own cakes. I am not that great at decorating them but my girls have been satisfied with what I have done so far. I would love to try there products as I have 2 birthdays coming up in April and May and then 2 in November. We are thinking about having a spring birthday party and then a fall party this year. That way we only have to have 2 birthday parties a year.

  69. What lovely fun you and your daughters must have had! As a mom and now a grand-mama I prefer – but don’t always have time for homemade and decorated cakes. I like to think the time it takes to bake and decorate a cake shows the love I have for the birthday celebrant!

  70. Back before I was mommy I use to really enjoy making cakes. Now I tend to buy them to save myself time, but I would really like to get back to making them myself.

  71. I usually plan on making it.. but it never comes out as perfect as I would like. There have been several frantic trips tot he grocery store to pick up a cake, after my homeade creation gets thrown away out of frustration…

  72. I love to bake cakes. We are just starting out since me daughter is only 2. I also have a 7 mo I look forward to themes and lots of fun together in the years to come. This would be awesome!

  73. I bake all of ours. I am trying to learn to decorate them, even if it is something as simple as monster trucks placed on a chocolate cake : ) These products look great!

  74. I usually bake cakes. I have fun decorating them and making them just right for my boys.

  75. I always bake them. So much more fun!

  76. wowza! love to win this!

    i do a little bit of both. if i’m sure no one outside my family will see it…i bake and decorate lol

  77. I try to bake their cakes. For the longest time I didn’t have an option due to their food allergies, so I just got used to it.

  78. I have never bought a cake for any of my four kids. My mom was a professional cake decorator, and she made us the most amazing cakes. I guess I feel like I have to live up to her standard (even though my decorating doesn’t even come close to hers). I also just can’t handle spending SO much money on something I can make myself for very cheap.

  79. For birthdays, I normally bake a cake, but it is not usually decorated much. Would love to try out some of the new Wilton products.

  80. We bake our own cakes-carrot (without raisins), strawberry-rhubarb, mint dessert, cheery cherry are among our favorites. When it’s H’s birthday, S helps to bake it. When it’s S’s birthday, H helps. Makes it extra special for the birthday boy! We are getting better at decorating now that they are learning to spell and be more creative! This sure looks like it would be lots of fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. I ?love? to bake! I dont ever use boxed stuff and I dont buy things from the store generally (certainly not cakes for parties). It seems like I always have a cake project or cupcake project coming up so any help with supplies would be awesome! Thanks for reminding me about this give-away on twitter (I am HappyKidlets). The items in the give-away look like it’d be fun for my kidlets to use…. might make a FUN & YUMMY play date!

  82. Always make them. My mom set a high standard on decorating cakes when we were little and store bought just doesn’t get it!!

    Karen nin TN

  83. I usually make the cake…but I am a cake decorating class drop out…lol. After the first couple of classed not be able to get my hands on a cake did it for me. I took my supplies and went home and started teaching myself. I am learning slowly but surely. However there is one cake they have at Kroger that has chocolate cover strawberried and whipcream icing. I buy that everyonce in awhile because it is so good!

  84. I enjoy baking and cake decorating, and I love all of the Wilton products I’ve tried!

  85. We make our cakes. Sometimes fancy and sometimes quick and easy!

  86. we come from a long line of cake decorators. Even though I wasnt gifted with the talent I still prefer home made cakes for every celebration! but when it comes to decorating…. I need all the help I can get! lol

  87. I would like to enter this for my teenage daughter. She is decorating cakes and loves it. She has been hired by a few friends to make/decorate cakes. She would love to add this to her collection. We make our cakes. Nothing like a good homemade cake.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!!

  88. I only ever bake birthday cakes. My hubby’s fave is carrot cake, and no box mix or bakery cake can do it justice. I like chocolate cake, but again not from a box or bakery. The taste from those is too flat and fake. Also, I don’t care for bakery icing AT ALL, so to get a cardboard-tasting cake slathered in pounds of frosting that we don’t like seems like an even bigger waste of $$ to me.

  89. I normally bake and decorate our cakes…although I have purchased a big cake for a big gathering before. I love, love, love playing around with decorating though!!

  90. I bake. Homemade is messier, but always tastes best! 🙂

  91. I usually buy cupcakes. I just don’t feel like I can ever do them justice by decorating them myself.

  92. Although I prefer to make my cakes, if there is a lot going on or I’m not feeling well, I will buy one. I’ve been slowly building up my cake making stash as well as improving my cake making skills 🙂

  93. I typically buy birthday cakes but I have been known to bake them on occasion. Some have turned out okay. Some have been disasters. But luckily my family loves me anyway!

  94. I bake cakes, but they’re always super simple. I’d love to win!

  95. We make our own – simple, but yummy.

  96. I have started baking cakes since my little guy was born – last year I did a Thomas the Train cake and it was a big hit! I love knowing I can make his birthday a little better by making his cake for him and decorating it the way he likes!!!

  97. I always try to make my own cakes … they always taste good, even if they aren’t fabulously decorated! 🙂

  98. I would love to win this, I try to bake all the cakes, but there have been a a few occassions when I bought them

  99. I prefer to bake cakes — I know what’s in it and I can jazz it up. It’s cheaper to make customized cakes, too, so the guest of honor really feels special.

  100. I always tried to bake our cakes, but now that we are a dairy-free family (alleriges), I have to…but they are always better that way!!

  101. Michelle F. says:

    I used to buy the cakes for my son’s birthdays when I was working. Now that I am a SAHM I bake them myself. I did take a cake decorating class about 12 years ago but haven’t used my skills too much but would love to get back into decorating cakes.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  102. I bake and buy cakes, depending on how much time I have. Usually, I bake cakes because it’s so much fun and makes a special birthday something just from me for the birthday person. Last year, I made an adorable Elmo cake for my son’s birthday, a pineapple dump cake for my husband’s birthday and ended up buying a princess cake for my daughter’s birthday. This year, I hope to bake them all!

  103. Amy Catalogna says:

    I always make my cakes — a beehive, an Elmo head, this year will be trucks/cars. I love the challenge! Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. It depends. A couple of times my kids or husband have wanted ice cream or TCBY cakes, in which case I buy them. But I’ve also made lots of them. My older daughter and I took a cake decorating class together. It’s really neat to see what you can do yourself!

  105. This makes baking a cake look like so much fun….I have always bought cakes, but this motivates me to go out and try baking one.

  106. Normally bake my own. Would love to win this!

  107. I run my own child care in my home and every birthday I make a cake, cupcake or cookies for the kids. They truly enjoy it since there parents are always so busy. I love to make them something from the heart.

  108. I always bake them but they never come out looking as nice as your princess cake!!

  109. My mom always made our cakes when I was growing up, so I naturally made my boys birthday cakes. I think they taste so much better and I like to think that they mean more to my boys since I made them (although they are boys…so I’m not sure about that 🙂 ).

    What a great assortment of cake decorating products. It would be fun to try them!

  110. I always make all 6 of my childrens birthday cakes, reformation day cakes, and happy birthday Jesus cakes. We have a birthday every other month. My oldest is nine and she absolutely loves joining in to help make her siblings birthday cake.:) She as well as I would absolutely love this opportunity to try the wilton products. Thanks!!

  111. In the past I would buy cakes but I would look for the sale ones. Recently though we have been making our own stuff and I have to admit they test better and I love the time that me and my little one spend together.

  112. Oh, we usually bake cakes. I’m kind of a Proud Baker. I say “I can Do That” and HEAVEN HELP the person who tells me, afterwards, that my cake didn’t match my dream! LOL

    My daughter would FLIP if we won – she ADORES cupcakes. *grin*

  113. We normally bake the cakes. My husband is an awesome cake decorator and does a way better job than any bakery around!

  114. I normally bake all my sweets, and decorating is my favorite part! Sometimes I even decorate brownie cakes!! 🙂

  115. I bake cakes, seems like such a waste of money to buy them and I rarely like grocery store cakes (which actually isn’t a bad thing since I’d eat less that way!)

  116. I always make everyones, but somehow, mine gets bought.

  117. We always bake our cakes. I would love a chance to jazz them up a bit, though. We also have several birthdays in the next couple of months.

  118. I always bake my cakes (though sometimes I cheat and use a box mix…shhhhh!)
    Love this giveaway! Thanks!

  119. I bake the cakes at our house . We have lots of food allergies and I want everyone to be able to eat it. But, I don’t mind if hubby gets a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing from Publix for my birthday-YUM.

  120. I would love to buy – but I always make them, and it turns out to be such a satisfying project and my kids love them! What a fun give away! – Here is a pic of one of my favorite cakes I did for my son’s 2nd birthday. He wanted a sock monkey party! 🙂


  121. I always make a cake, most of the time cupcakes. I love my cupcake holder, it makes them look so much better.

  122. When the kids were little, I used to buy theme cakes from Walmart (Spiderman, Toy Story, Incredibles). However, in the last few years, I’ve been making my own for several reasons. The boys have been picking themes that I couldn’t find a cake to match (Peter Pan). The homemade cakes are cheaper. The HM cakes are healthier. (I’ve been baking from scratch.) The HM cakes taste better! Unfortunately, the cake I made last month was not a huge success. I ended up buying an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen as a rescue! 🙁

    I have another birthday coming up in April. I would love to try again!

  123. I go back and forth….I bought for a while, made for a while and now I’m back to buying. I guess it depends on what life is throwing at me at the time.

    Thanks for entering me in this giveaway. I can see lots of fun in the future of the winner.


  124. In the past I have just bought them, not very frugal, but next month our youngest is turning one and I plan on baking his cake. I plan on baking from now on unless circumstances arise where I cannot!

  125. I saw this giveaway on my phone this morning when I was checking Twitter updates, and I couldn’t wait to get on the computer to read your post! I would LOVE to win this prize!! I make cakes/cupcakes for birthdays, and I just got my first decorating kit for Christmas this year!

  126. I actually alternate between buying and making my own. Last year, I made a rainbow cake which was super fun to make (dying the batter), fun to watch bake and equally fun to cut into. I’d love to make that our cake tradition, but my kids might have other ideas.

  127. I used to normally buy cakes but more and more I’m really getting into baking so I’m trying to make my own cakes! This decorating set would ensure that I always make my own!

  128. I do both. Usually let the kids decide what they want. I have made 4 cakes so far. I love to make my own.Makes the day more special for all of us.

  129. Elizabeth Cunitz says:

    I usually buy the cakes, but would be thrilled to give this a try and save some money!
    I used to love baking in high school and just kinda lost track of that passion as I got older. This would be such a fun project to do with my almost 4 year old!

    ecunitz @ gmail.com

  130. I always bake my family’s birthday cakes. My favorite cake to bake is my daughter’s: a doll cake using the pan and doll that my Mom used to bake my birthday cakes. I’m 50 and she’s 11 so this is a family tradition that has been going on for decades. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. And thanks for the opportunity to win.

  131. After having to punt and make a cake from scratch, I discovered the joy of easier, better tasting cakes! Won’t use a box mix again! So, I’ve got the cake part figured out, now I just need this set of goodies to help me make the outside of the cake look as great as it tastes!

  132. I always make them, I took a wilton class a few years back, so I have to put my stuff to good use!

  133. Cat Mom of 3 says:

    Back in my spend thrift days, not so long ago, I never would have made a cake! Now that we are on a tight budget and badly hurt by this economic downturn as so many others are too, I have found a creative outlet in cooking and baking. Thanks to Toni for her inspiration in these areas! So now I attempt to bake cakes and cupcakes with love and what little skills I am slowly learning. Thanks Toni!

  134. I normally bake our cakes and cupcakes. I can’t have gluten and my boys also prefer homemade birthday cakes over store bought : )

  135. Even though I am not the best at it, I try to bake a cake whenever a birthday comes up. The kids pick a theme and I try to do my best!

  136. Andi Anderson says:

    I make all of our birthday cakes. The prices is so much better! I don’t really get to extravagant with decorating though. I wish I had that talent!

  137. A home baked cake tastes so much better. And I love the reaction from others, it makes me feel so good! BTW when do we get another installment of “Our Story”? Love your site!

  138. Squeel!!! I would LOVE to win that!! I would use my powers only for good:-)

  139. I bake birthday cakes for my kids. They get to pick the flavor of cake and frosting, and whether to have cake or cupcakes.

  140. I had been buying cakes, but my Dh & I made the decision that we are cooking our meals from scratch so I will be making cakes myself from now on. Today is my birthday and Dh is supposed to make me a cake tonight. We’ll see if it happens!

  141. I normally bake their cakes and would love to try these accessories from Wilton.

  142. I would love to get this!
    I usually bake my cakes, but I have zero cake decorating supplies so they’re usually pretty boring looking.

  143. I don’t buy cakes. I make all my desserts! I love to bake. Just made a tiered cake for my son’s first birthday! Fun!!!

  144. I like the look of store bought cakes, but can’t stand to eat them. I’ve been making and decorating our cakes for a little over a year now and I’m always looking for ways to make them more appealing to the eye.

  145. We vary on purchasing our cakes from a bakery and making our own. I took all three levels of Wiltons Cake decorating classes, so it’s hard for me to shell out the money for a store bought cake! 🙂

  146. Mary-Frances Chavez says:

    Always BAKE! Been experimenting with more from scratch recipies like red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (YUM!!!) and am always looking for a way to jazz them up! Those wraps look awesome and SO SIMPLE! Love them! And Love your blog! one of the first things i hit in my google reader 🙂 keep it up!
    Mary-Frances – Mom of 2 and one on the way. 🙂

  147. I love baking my own cakes. Years ago, I took a decorating class but I still need help, LOL.

  148. I love baking, but since it’s just me, I don’t usually make my own cake. I would be glad to take this off your hands so I can bless others, though!! 🙂

  149. I bake my own cakes. The ones at the store seem too expensive and I think it means more that I took the time to make it myself.

  150. I buy a cake most of the time, we like to make our own but with 5 kids under 7 it is hard to fully decorate a cake. Thank you for the review and chance to win.

  151. I have been buying cakes, but decided after the last way too expensive birthday cake that I need to learn how to decorate my own cakes. Thus I am on a mission – I have purchased a cake decorating video, now I need to get some supplies – – winning this great package would be awesome!

  152. I normally make birthday cakes, but they are never interesting looking. I would love to try and expand my creative side to make great cakes and cupcakes.

  153. I always bake cakes- I just have the way store-bought frosting tastes! I actually just made a reese’s cake for the husband’s birthday last night and am trying to come up with a good cake for DS#2’s upcoming birthday- this set would really help me out!!

  154. We are about 1/2 and 1/2. Depending on what the kids want, if we bake then they have a lot of fun “helping” out. Sprinkles are a huge thing in our house, on top of oatmeal, etc.

  155. I always bake the cakes at our house. Two members of our family are on gluten-free diets so baking from home is a must! Besides, the cakes made from home are so much fun to create- and delicious to eat!

  156. I usually bake my own cakes. Sometimes they come out great, other times not so great. I love to bake and get the kids involoved in baking and decorating as well. Its a fun way to celebrate a birthday. The personal touches are more meaningful, especially when shared with the entire family.

  157. I always bake homemade cakes. I was given my grandmothers chocolate cake recipe, and now that is what everyone requests for their birthdays! What a cute princess cake! My daughter always requests pink and purple as well.

  158. As the mother of 5, I bake their cakes because it’s less expensive. However, my husband is the one who still enjoys store bought cakes for his birthday. So we splurge once a year!


  160. I never buy cakes. Too expensive! It’s fun to make them even if they don’t turn out perfect!

  161. How wonderful! We love to make our cakes usually:) My almost 10 year old has decided she is going to be a pastry chef when she grows up and has some cake supplies but this would be awesome. And the drawing is on her birthday!

  162. I usually bake our cakes, but my husband likes store bought ones so sometimes I buy his.


  163. You can’t beat a homemade, just baked cake! Bake, bake, bake, every time!

  164. I normally bake cakes but my decorating skills are just developing. I love experimenting though.

  165. I always bake them because they are much cheaper and I like homemade frosting much better than what they have on store-bought cakes. I would love to win! I try to be creative with my kid’s cakes, so this kit would be a lot of fun!

  166. I used to buy cakes when my oldest was a baby but began baking them after my daughter and son started wanting more original birthday themes. The cakes my not look professional but the kids always seem happy with them. That is all that counts, right? 8)

  167. I always try to bake my kids cakes. It’s always fun to try new recipes and designs out!

    I am so excited for this giveaway! I LOVE Wilton. I bake all my families cakes, cookies, cupcakes.

  169. I’ve made the switch from buying to baking.. and I’m having a lot of fun. This could help me have even MORE fun!! 🙂

  170. Well the last time I made the kid’s birthday cake we eneded up having to go out and buy one cuz something went wrong and it wasn’t cooked all the way through. But that doesn’t stop me from planning on making their cake’s this year!!

  171. I usually bake my own cakes. Unless it’s an ice cream cake – those I buy. But that doesn’t happen very often.

  172. I prefer to bake my husband’s birthday cake myself. What a great give away! Those cupcake wraps are awesome.

  173. I bake cakes (from a box) for an average night – ok, I lie, my 11yo is the baker in the family, and she sometimes even does it from scratch. But if we have cakes for birthdays or other occasions I have been known to buy them. I’ve also been known to make them, like the big Spongebob I did for my son’s 3rd birthday, or the heart for my daughter’s 7th.

  174. In the past I always decorated their cake but now they seem to be asking for more specific cakes that I don’t think I can do so I just started ordering them. I would love some tips and tricks to get them excited about the cake I make again. They are still young so there is still hope. 🙂

  175. Toni
    I would just love to win this ! Around here we have birthdays pretty much every month and some months more then one! I try to make a cake most of the time and when it gets crazy , I hate to admit this but I will buy a cake.

    My family really likes the homemade ones better too. I like the price of homemade cakes even better.

    Our family would have a blast using all the great dec. items. Just in time for the next three birthdays coming up 😉


  176. I usually try to bake my own. But last year for my daughter’s 1st, I didn’t have time and bought a cake because I thought the decorator could do a better. It cost me $32.00 and I could have done better!!! This year I am making my own.

  177. Jolene French says:

    I always make our cakes and cupcakes. Spring is a busy time around here for cake making. I love trying to make each one special and different from any other one I have done. What a great give away!

  178. I make all our birthday cakes. Sometimes it’s just a box cake with fancy decorating or a from scratch cake (like tres leches) that only gets candles. Fun giveaway!

  179. I make all of our cakes, too, and I use ALL Wilton products. I LOVE them! You would make my year if I won. 😉

  180. I usually bake cakes… my daughter just loves the FROSTING !!!!!!!!

  181. I usually bake a cake or cupcakes, but I don’t decorate them because it takes too much time and I never know what to do. I would love to try out the Wilson products! Thanks for the give away!

  182. Before I had my daughter I made and decorated all the cakes. Now, I buy most of them, but usually make my dad’s cake because he has a very specific cake request every year that no store can make (based on a Nigella Lawson recipe).

    I’d like to get back to decorating, but my left hand (lefty) isn’t strong enough. It sounds like this kit would be a fabulous way to ease back in for me.

  183. We almost always bake our cakes here. They are not always pretty, but taste great. My oldest dd (age 9) LOVES to decorate cake. She has her own Wilton bags and tips. She would love for us to create with these products.

  184. Danna Lockerby says:

    I’ve started baking cakes. Last year for my son’s 3rd birthday I made a carved 3D Thomas Train Cake. It turned out great. Though, homebaking, I still use boxed cake mix.

  185. I love to bake my kids’ birthday cakes!

  186. I always bake cakes from scratch. There is something special about taking your time and baking a delicious cake full of love for your child or husband. I love to see the look on their faces when we cut into one and they can’t wait for that first bite 🙂

  187. We prefer to make cakes, decorating them is always an adventure. Thanks for the chance to win!

    nfavorite (at) msn (dot) com

  188. Always bake them (well except a few weeks ago when my stove was broken). The kids love that I take the time to make it for them. I make the inside whatever color cake they want, usually rainbow, with whatever they want on the outside. I LOVE doing it. It will be a great memory for them.

  189. Lisa Stevens says:

    Wow- how fun! We make our cakes here too. Tastes better, is cheaper and I’m sure healthier (albeit slightly)

  190. I have always baked my son’s cakes. Each year was somthing different. It made it just their day. They always looked forward to what I would come up with.

  191. I am definitely a bake-it-myself kind of gal. These products look SO fun! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  192. This is an awesome prize! I bake when I have the chance but I’m not above hitting the grocery store for a cake if I’m too busy!

  193. I always bake! I don’t know that I’ve ever bought a cake! I started with my twins’ first birthday cake and have been learning every since!

  194. Bake and decorate myself – or with their help! They aren’t always the prettiest, but we have fun. I love Wilton – they have saved the day for many of our cakes!!!

  195. I always bake my kids’ birthday cakes. My most recent two were an Indiana Jones cake & a Where the Wild Things Are cake. I look forward to making their cakes so much, that I start mentally planning them months in adevance!

  196. I do both. For their actual birthday I make one. For their party I buy one because I need a large one. My oldest just turned 11 & I ordered half a sheet & I managed to take only 1 piece home. I have a large family. Her party had 60 guests. Ok…before you choke on your coffee I said it was large. 50 of them we are related to. The rest was a few of her friends & a couple of parents that stayed. Some just dropped off. Yes… a large family. So because we do them at home & I cook most of the food I just buy the cake. The only time I didn’t make her cake on her actual bday was when it fell on Mardi Gras & she asked for a king cake. (yep we live in southeast louisiana)
    I also make cupcakes a ton for her class. I avg 4-5 times per year I make something for them. It was so funny. I made them for a class party when she was in first grade (in 5th now) & the kids were like “Oh wow…Carson’s mom MADE them. They aren’t storebought. So any time after the kids always request Carson’s mom (that would be my new legal name I swear) make them. I laugh b/c its just a box mix, icing from a can & sprinkles but poor things most say their moms never bake them anything.
    Oddly enough I am one of the rare parents who cook & take out is a treat. Its the opposite in most homes I’m told.
    So if I won it would all go to good use.
    Happy home making

  197. We usually bake cakes instead of buying… but they’re usually a mix I’ve bought. I do try to have fun with frosting decorating!

  198. I always bake my own. I took a wilton cake decorating class last May, and learned so much! I love wilton products!!!! Thanks!

  199. I almost always bake our cakes, but I don’t do much in the decorating department. You make it look so doable and I am thinking I need to up my game!

  200. i bake all of my cakes from scratch because not only is it cheaper, but i also enjoy the challenge!

  201. I always make our cakes. Just last Friday, I made a football field cake with a football in the middle for my son’s 9th birthday. I would love to try out the new Wilton line!!

  202. I love to cook, but cannot bake, so I buy cakes. I wanted to do something special, however, for my daughter’s first birthday, so I bought a unfrosted 1/2 sheet cake from Sam’s Club. I cut and reformed it into the shape of a “1” and decorated it myself with Wilton frosting and accessories.

    It looked pretty bad, but it tasted delicious and at least I could say I did it myself! I’d love to give it another go – and if I won this package I would still have five months to practice before her second birthday! 🙂

  203. I am a young mom of a one two year old girl. I haven’t had too many birthdays to plan for and I have bought my cakes. As she gets older I would love to make her cakes. This would be so helpful!

  204. I make ’em myself. So this giveaway package looks GREAT!!!

  205. Amy Salotti says:

    i love to back cakes!!

  206. I normally buy cake mixes and then make and decorate my own cakes.

  207. We always bake our cakes and they are yummy but nothing like as cute as yours! But you have inspired me to try harder 🙂

  208. I bake our birthday cakes, I’m not the best at decorating but my girls love the cakes I make and that is all that really matters to me.

  209. I do both… though I am a good baker, I am not that good at decorating. There is a fabulous cake baker nearby that makes beautiful cakes cheaply. So for really special occasions, like our 10th wedding anniversary, I have her make them. I’d love to try these Wilton products!

  210. My husband I bake a cake a month and we love to bake together. We dont’ get too fancy with our cakes unless it is a special ocassion like a birthday or holiday. We rarely buy cakes!

  211. I love to bake my own cakes, i loved to bake long before I even remotely liked cooking so its been a traditions since we got married that I make a birthday cake for my husband every year. this tradition has extended to close friends and family as well over the years.

  212. I’ve tried decorating homemade cakes, but I am still a novice and although they taste delicious, they don’t look very professional. If I want a fancy cake, I go ahead and purchase it.

  213. I usually bake and decorate birthday cakes. But thank goodness when my turn comes around, my husband buys – a mint chocolate cake from a local bakery – yum!

  214. i LOVE wiltons!! i use their stuff to make my own cupcakes or mini cakes for our birthday parties. my family hasn’t asked for a store bought cake in years!

  215. I preferred making the kids cakes. I’d spend the money that would have been spent on “professional” cakes on mini toys based on their interests for the top of the cake. I have a 16 year old daughter that loves baking now so she and the other two siblings usually get the honor with the cake of decorating. I usually only get to purchase the ingredients and the theme decorations. I’d love to win this both my 17 and 16 year old would love Wilton cake decorating classes(The 17 year old expressed interest at Valentines saying he’d love to be able to make goodies for a girlfriend. How lucky is some girl gonna be!). This set would help defray costs and get them on theirway.



  216. I make all of our cakes. I prefer decorating with cookies / candy to decorating with frosting tips. It is much easier.

  217. I bake my cakes. One year, WalMart had Sesame Street cupcake tiers. So cute! My hubby ordered them for my daughter’s party. We ended up spending $53 for cupcakes! Ever since then, I have baked my own my four kids and hubby.

  218. I have done both depending on how much time I have, but it would be fabulous to have some extra tools at my disposal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Angela from Sunny San Diego says:

    we bake bake bake over here. Nothing better than homemade buttercream icing. yummy! My daughter is trying to start up a cake business. she has done some pretty amazing cakes so far. Hope I win…for her. =)

  220. i haven’t branched out to cakes yet. i’ve quit buying them… and i do cupcakes or cookies. i’m thinking of getting brave and trying a cake :0

  221. I love to bake my kids cakes Ive already been scouring the net for their b/days in July and August so sad I know but I love to make cakes.

  222. Well, I’m a new reader (love your blog!) and I had to comment! My son turned three at the end of January and we threw him a pirate party. Normally I would either buy a cake or bake a simple cake from a box and throw icing on it. But this year I found a recipe for a pirate cake from Betty Crocker and so me and my friend went to work constructing the best pirate made of cake we could! He turned out great and now I’m in love with cake decorating. My daughter’s birthday is in April and I can’t wait to make her an awesome cake too!

  223. Oooohhh! I love Wilton cake decorating stuff, I buy their yearbook every year! My mother and I bake and decorate my kids’ cakes every year! I would love to take all of the Wilton cake decorating classes to get better at it!

  224. I usually bake, which seems to be often with 5 kids!

  225. I always have the best time making my boys’ cakes. They always have a themed birthday they choose, and it is fun and challenging to make cakes and cupcakes to fit the theme. I love cupcake wrappers, and haven’t seen the ones from Wilton yet, but have made my own following a template made from a Starbucks coffee wrapper.

  226. I normally buy birthday cakes, but I did make Ethan’s from last year. It was a 3-D Mater Cake, and oh.my.gosh I never want to do that again!!

  227. Before I quit work to be a SAHM, I was a cake-buyer all the way. But now I bake all the cakes and very much enjoy it. I’ve even become the go-to mom for cupcakes for my daughter’s kindergarten class!

  228. Growing up we always made our own cakes, often with myself or the birthday child making it. It was much more fun that way!

  229. I normally buy decorated cakes. I do, however, make a mean cupcake 🙂

  230. We do half and half. Sometimes buy and sometimes bake. These products look like so much fun!

  231. I usually bake cakes but I bet my kids wish I bought them more often!

  232. If it’s a special occasion like 1st/16th/21st b-day or bridal shower we buy a cake, otherwise someone makes one.

  233. I bake cakes for the entire family. Now the extended one as well. Spring is our big birthday season as well and I feel like I have umpteen million cakes to make over the next few weeks.

    I have my famous Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey’s Irish Creme Icing to make for my husband and his twin brother for their shared birthday party on St. Patrick’s Day. I have fancy cupcakes to make for my sister on March 28th. I have a My Little Pony cake to do for my niece for the Saturday before Easter AND cupcakes for our Easter Sunday gathering. Then I need to make a cake for my own little girl two weeks later. Then two weeks after that a lemon cake with orange frosting for my father.

    As you can see, I live in my kitchen, dusted with flour with icing in my hair, through the spring.

  234. We have done both, buying the cake and making the cake. I would much rather make the cake now a days though. Way cheaper, and it seems more personal too.

  235. Michelle Moran Machado says:

    I just baked my daughters cake this weekend. A chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. Pink jelly beans, and strawberry Whoppers as decorations. And cotton candy as a flame at the top. Not the prettiest thing ever, but definitely homemade. And yummy. Freshly made strawberry frosting is soooo good.

  236. how fun! i always bake my kids(and hubby) cake. I’d say i do a fair job at decorating. and it’s so much fun!

  237. I bake them myself and need to hurry up and have more kids so I can bake more =) Great giveaway, thanks so much!

  238. What a great set to have. I love baking cakes, but the decoration never comes out good. This would be a great way to make the cakes so much more fun and cute for the family.

    Thank you.

  239. Oooo I love baking our cakes! This package from Wilton looks amazing!! I just bought a new pan from Wilton to try out along with a few new decorating tips as well, I would love to win this set!!

  240. We do both for our kids – depending on the party, etc. For parent’s we always make one together.

  241. I bake if it’s for a family party. For a larger group, I usually buy.

  242. I do both. I usually buy a larger cake for my children’s birthdays and I make cakes for my husband and myself. Fan 4 may at aol dot com

  243. Oh, I am weak at the knees 🙂
    We love to bake! I say we because Chloe (3) and John (18mo) are always racing to put on their aprons the moment that they see me donning mine.
    For my husband’s birthday we always have a DQ icecream cake (because it makes him happy) but for all other cakes – we bake. I’m not extremely talented but the littles are always impressed none the less LOL.


  244. I always bake my own! My kids love picking a theme and then challenging me to make a creative cake. My best one and most challenging cake was a dragon and it was super cute!! I would LOVE to win this!! Great giveaway!!

  245. Carleen P. says:

    I normally bake my own cakes. I think that it’s more fun.

  246. kathy steadman says:

    I always make them….I really like to specialize them and its fun.

  247. I always bake my cakes….especially for the kids. I took the Wilton classes and no they aren’t professional cakes, they are special. Each child remembers the cake that I have baked for them. They love them. I enjoy and yes it is time consuming but I love doing it for them.

  248. bake! i just can’t bare to spend the money to buy one!

  249. So exciting!!!! Would love to win!!!! Thanks!

  250. Mary Larsen says:

    I feel like there are so many things I don’t do for my kids…baby books, scrapbooking, documenting everything. But when they grow up…I know that they will remember their Birthday cakes that Mom made! I love to tailor them to my kids and love their pure joy when they see their cake! Hopefully they will forgive me for all of the other stuff I don’t do :)!

  251. I always make birthday cakes for my kids. I am too cheap to buy them from a bakery! Plus I just enjoy making my kids feel special by doing it myself. In fact, I am known in my family as the cake baker, so I have made several birthday cakes for other relatives, and I am doing my first wedding cake this week for my cousin.

  252. I LOVE to cook and bake. I always bake the cakes for my family’s birthdays. I love to decorate them too! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  253. I like to make my own cakes, especially after taking two Wilton cake decorating classes. The times that I am in a pinch and want to decorate but just can’t squeeze it in(plus-my husband gets annoyed b/c when I decorate it is a huge mess and I get stressed), I have purchased a cake from Costco and instructed them to only ice it in white and NOT decorate. Then, when I get it home, I put my finishing touches on it. It is a win-win for me and my husband!

  254. Oh, I would love this giveaway! I almost always make homemade birthday cakes for my three children (I can’t say that I’ve done it 100% of the time!) and I use lots of Wilton products. We have birthdays coming up in March and April so it would be perfect timing!

  255. I bake my own. Started it a couple years ago and now we’re all cake snobs! 🙂

  256. I make all of our cakes and cupcakes! My kids love to help cook in the kitchen, and we make memories everytime we cook together! Now just to figure out how to keep my 3 year old daughter’s hands out of the cake?

  257. Baking is the way we go at our house! Store bought is harder to eat…it just doesn’t taste as good! I do the baking and initial frosting, then I had it over to my husband (the more artistic of the two of us) to do the decorating!

  258. We always bake our own – usually gluten free! 😀

  259. I LOVE to decorate cakes and cookies (when I have time)! Wilton is the best, I love their shaped pans to make my daughters birthday cakes with…..what an awesome give away!

  260. I bake – and I would LOVE to get this!

  261. Oh, I almost always make cakes. I have made a few I am proud of and always take pictures of the kids with them. One of my favorites was one made with a bundt pan and it had blue icing. It was made to look like water. I decorated the cake and around the cake with little teddy grahams. Each were doing different things. Some were in intertubes (lifesavers) some were floating, some standing. All of them were decorated with swim attire. It was fun putting icing bikinis on the little girls. It also had a diving board made with a stick of gum. I would love to enter the Wilton cake decorating contest to win some goodies.

  262. I make my kids’ cakes–it’s fun challenge for me and they love it!

  263. Wow! I could really practice with all that wonderful stuff! My daughter turned 1 in December, and I decided to make cakes from then on. I made her a giant cupcake shaped cake. It took 2 tries, but it looked (& tasted) good. I enjoyed it, and it saves money. 🙂 I hope to win, so I can practice decorating!

  264. I usually try and bake the cake, but for special birthdays with extended family (5, 10, 13, 16 etc) IF the b-day child requests it, I will go to a bakery. But they usually choose mom’s home-made cake even with my lackluster decorating skills.

  265. I always bake my own cakes. The kids like to design their cake.

  266. I usually bake them for sure. I’m not much of a fan of store bought cakes.

  267. I always bake my children’s cakes. I’m not great at it, but love the memories we make!! This would be such a great thing to practice with – our youngest has a birthday on March 17th:-)

  268. I used to purchase my children’s birthday cakes all the time until recently. I’ve just been making simple cupcakes with colored frosting but I LOVE some of these cute ideas from your post! I can’t wait to get a little more creative for our next birthday party! Thank you!


  269. I normally buy my cakes but now that I have started over having babies (have a 15 year old and almost 1 year old) I am vowing to live more frugally and healthy! I am currently most obsessed with cupcakes and finding the perfect recipe!!! I woudl love the kit!! 🙂

  270. I hate purchased cakes, I always bake cakes. Wilton makes wonderful products dont they?

  271. I used to buy all my birthday cakes. Then I decided to bake my own one year and I have never gone back to store bought since. Baking your own is SO much cheaper and tastes 100 times better!!

  272. Love decorating cakes!

  273. We bake cakes at least once a month. For Birthdays I always buy the cake, just one less thing to worry about for the party day!

  274. I usually bake the cakes….and I keep getting better and better each time…

  275. Mariesa M. says:

    OOhh I hope I win! I have lots of spring birthdays comming up!

  276. I make my own cakes and would love to win this! 🙂

  277. I would love to receive/win these products. I’m just trying to get into baking and cooking. I always need ideas but this would help me get started.

  278. Angel Snowberger says:

    I used to always buy but have now started making them at home.

  279. One of the things I really remember growing up were the awesome homemade cakes my mom made for us. So, when my little one was born I knew that’s what I wanted to do. The first few couple years we came up with the ideas and asked my mom to decorate. Last year we dove in and did it all ourselves.

    Something like this would definitely help out tremendously!

  280. I bake and decorate my own cakes. My kids love planning their cakes every year. The Wilton products look like a lot of fun.

  281. It really depends on why we need a cake and what cake is being requested. I enjoy baking them but am not a great decorator!!
    I would love to try these new products–with 3 kids having birthdays within 5 weeks and then one child, my husbands and my birthdays all right after Christmas–I need all the help I can get!!!

  282. I always make my own! I would LOVE to win!

  283. Love this! I normally bake cupcakes for school parties and buy cakes for our birthday parties.

  284. I bake and decorate our cakes myself – you can’t beat the taste of a homemade cake (or the price!) and I can personalize all of the decorations for each person. It’s a lot more work, but it gives me a chance to get creative!

  285. I usually bake them myself, unless my teenagers want to do it! I would love to be able to decorate a cake that looks better than mine usually do.

  286. I always bake my own cakes, they taste so much better!! I love this giveaway!

  287. Tammy Carr says:

    I do both 🙂 but I love baking them more 🙂

  288. I always try to make a cake. However I have been known to go out the morning of the party and pick one up due to a cake disaster :/

  289. We bake all our birthday cakes in this house! There’s only 5 of us celebrating, but even still, it’s too expensive to buy all those cakes! Plus, my boys are able to use their imagination and come up with whatever they want. I’ve done race cars, dinosaurs, even ice cream cakes and I’m working on a Lego cake for this weekend!!

  290. I love baking homemade cakes! The kids love them too!

  291. I would prefer to bake the cake myself, but my kids (mostly the oldest) prefer a store bought cake. I guess it’s a novelty or something.

    One of these days, he’ll appreciate the home-baked stuff more [I hope]!

  292. I always bake our own cakes. I enjoy it, and one of my daughters is allergic to milk, so no store bought goodies are safe for her. I often use Wilton products and enjoy making fun cakes for my kids birthdays. I’d love to try out some new things!

  293. bake, but usually from a mix

  294. We usually buy, but I would love to start making my own.

  295. I like you have many birthdays to celebrate during the year. I am going to deliver my 5th child in May. That will make 2 bdays in May alone! I love to bake cakes. I have often thought about taking the Wilton Cake classes offered at Michaels but the hours do not work out with my husbands rotating shift work.

  296. I usually bake birthday cakes & cupcakes. I don’t have the decorating supplies, but these products look like they would be fun to try!

  297. Bake!!! I love Wilton products. Everyone in our family always asks me to make thieir cakes. I stock up on Wilton products with holiday clearances every year for the next!

  298. I bake my own! I love to decorate, so birthdays are always one of my creative outlets!

  299. Living overseas for 2 years, I had to make cakes for birthdays and other events. I didn’t have the “proper” tools but everyone loved them and it was really fun! It’s something I want to get more info on and challenge myself in doing. I could spend hours looking at Wilton stuff 🙂 But sometimes, if in a hurry, we’ll buy a cake now that we’re stateside but I found out making a cake is so much more fun in the end.

  300. Bake unless it’s for a shower or a wedding.

  301. I usually bake, a one bowl chocolate cake for the chocolate lovers or a white chocolate covered white cake for the others lol. Very generous giveaway, hope I win!

  302. I have done both, but recently have been making them myself. My kids love having a say in the design and decorating! This would be a great set to have so we could take our cake decor to the next level!!!!!

  303. Julie Trout says:

    I usually bake cakes for my kids’ birthdays…..they each have a favorite that they request each year!

    My 12 year old daughter is just starting to learn how to decorate cakes….it’s been fun making messes in the kitchen with her!!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  304. I normally bake and decorate my own. I use a buttercream frosting that I add a little almond extract to. Everyone seems to love them!

  305. I normally *try* to bake something, which winds up looking crazy. Then I make a mad dash to the store to buy something instead 🙂

  306. I have mostly bought cakes over the years depending on time. But I tried my daughters 6th bday cake and it wasn’t the greatest. So I really need this for my two ilttle ones. This could save 100s of dollars a year. Pick me!

  307. I normally bake but they’re very …boring.

  308. I bake most of the time. My daughter turns 5 tomorrow and I’ve been looking for cupcake wraps in town with no success this past weekend. Definitely have ideas for my sons next birthday. Thanks for the chance to win!

  309. I usually always bake our birthday cakes… until this year when my husband requested a bakery cake, just like the ones he had growing up as a kid. Wouldn’t you know it, he already told me that next year he wants me to bake again!

  310. With the exception of my youngest’s third birthday, I always make the cakes. Those store-bought cakes aren’t worth the cardboard they sit on!

  311. I have always baked my own cakes! My mom was a great cake decorator (she went to school for it) and taught me some things. My biggest undertaking so far has been a 3-D Thomas the Train cake I made for my son’s 4th b-day! I love the Wilton products I already have and would love to try these! I have 3 cake to make just in April!!! 🙂

  312. I used to buy them, but now I make them all!

  313. I used to buy ice cream cakes, but this year our family has committed to living frugally so I am baking the cakes this year. I always use a mix and love to decorate with sprinkles.

    • Emily Metzger says:

      I made an ice cream cake last year for Father’s Day (we got together with dh’s parents and his siblings, so there were 4 dads). I used layers of ice cream and cake, and covered it all with a chocolate ganache. I found recipes for ganache online, and it wasn’t hard to make. To make the ice cream layers I lined a round cake pan (same size that I used for the cake itself) with plastic wrap. Then I pressed slightly softened ice cream, covered it with the rest of the plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. I made two layers of ice cream, chocolate and cookies & cream. In hindsight, I made my layers much thicker than I needed to, but it tastes just as good! When the ice cream was firm, I layered the cake & ice cream and refroze while I made the ganache. I should have waited for the ganache to cool more before I coated the cake with it, but it worked out. I topped the ganache with chocolate slivers. It was pretty impressive, and tasted really good. I was inspired to do this by the emails I was getting from Cold Stone Creamery advertising their Father’s Day ice cream cakes. I just couldn’t see spending that much money.

  314. I make our boys birthday cakes and my husband decorates them. We’ve had some pretty cute cakes.

  315. Love your website. We always bake…it’s fun and you save soooo much money. Not near as many preservatives….so much better for us.

  316. I normally bake the cakes. It seems to mean so much more to my daughter!

  317. I bake our cakes! I took the Wilton Cake Classes 1 & 2 a couple of years ago and was suprised that I could make the same cakes for next to nothing. I would love to be entered! Thank You!

  318. I love decorating cakes! I even took the Wilton course at Hobby Lobby 3 yrs ago so I could decorate my childrens cakes and save money too! I’ve even made money by doing it for other people! BTW I love your site! God bless you!

  319. I always make their birthday cakes. I’m not the greatest at decorating, but I’m learning! This would be SO helpful and FUN!

  320. I bake our cakes, I can just imagine how much it would have been to buy the Death Star cake I made for Spencer’s 10th bday.

  321. Definitely bake them!

  322. Kim Kauffman says:

    I usually make my cakes – or have my mom do it since she used to be a professional cake decorator 🙂

  323. always bake cakes!!!! love the giveaway!!!

  324. I bake almost all of our cakes. Easier, cheaper, and definitely better most of the time. 😉

  325. I use to bake and decorate cakes for friends while in college. I always thought I would bake and decorate my kids in the future. I ended up not having the time when my sons first birthday came around. I vow to make his cake for the second birthday.

  326. I normally bake my own cakes, except for my son’s first birthday we decided to buy a cupcake cake. It was super cute, but I’d love to be able to make something like that at home!


  327. I normally buy birthday cakes because I am unable to even draw stick figures. For other occasion cakes I will make my own.

  328. I have done most of our baking for the last 4 years, ever since our daughter tested positive for peanut and potato allergies. The exception has been birthday cakes. But a year ago I decided enough was enough and started baking those from scratch too, slowly learning how to decorate them. I am not an expert, but am definitely getting better at it!

  329. I usually make cakes but they could definitely use some sprucing up. What an awesome giveaway! : )

  330. Emily Metzger says:

    I make my cakes. I think they taste better than storebought anyway. My cake decorating skills are definitely amateurish, but I’m improving! One of my favorites was a cake I did for my husband–I made a 2 layer round cake covered in chocolate frosting. Then I found an online picture of his favorite baseball team’s baseball diamond, and referred to that as I made a baseball diamond on top of the cake. I cut squares out of a cookies & cream candy bar for the bases.

  331. Amanda Basinger says:

    I have baked my girls birthday cakes for the last 5 years and everyone raves about them–little do they know they come from a box!!! It is definitely more fun to make a cake special for each birthday princess!

  332. Erica in L.A. says:

    I make all my kids bday cakes from scratch. I love coming up with ways to get the theme the kids want without making myself crazy in the process! Last year was a robot cake for my son’s 5th and a pink & white fancy cake for my daughters 8th. I need to come up with a Bakugan cake in a couple of weeks. Any ideas?

  333. I have always baked birthday cakes (and other special occasion cakes) myself. Well, all but once when I left my mom in charge of it and she got an ice-cream cake for my turning-2 year old. The homemade cakes are always more appreciated by the special person and taste a lot better.

  334. I always bake mine at home from scratch. I have multiple kids with food allergies, so I have no choice. However I love to bake! So it is no big deal. But I would love to win those, they would come in handy with 4 kids!

  335. Well, in the past I bought some and made some….. now I have budding “bakers” in the house — my 16yo took 2 of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes (but won’t teach me) — and now my 7yo wants to do the baking and decorating of cakes. This would go a long way in helping me and my 7yo learn the art of “how to make a pretty” cake.

    This is a really great giveaway …. Thanks,

  336. Oh wow what an awesome giveaway!!!

    I usually bake our cakes but for special birthday’s my aunt decorates the cakes.

  337. I always bake our cakes. I find they taste better than storebought anyway. This would be so useful this summer – I have 3 birthdays within 10 days of each other, and I’ll be 8 months pregnant… so not in the mood to slave away in the kitchen!

  338. Jennie Dys says:

    I have begun the tradition of making my own cakes for my children’s birthdays and its been a load of fun!

  339. Always bake myself. Even when the dinosaur cake has more humps than he’s supposed to, everyone is always thrilled!!

  340. I have baked and decorated all of my kids cakes. A $30.00 sheet cake is out of our budget and they do not taste good. Plus we have a great time baking and decorating them. It is part of the fun of there birthday. They get to spend time with Mom a lone in the kitchen.
    I have made a barbie bithday cake before. I used my pamper chief glass measuring cup to bake it. Then I took a cheap barbie my DD had already and took the legs off.
    I took a paper towel ring and pushed through the middle of the cake and put the barbie in. I could not believe how nice it came out. I to do not have nice things but I was able to make it look nice white dress.
    My son would like me to add that his two best cakes where when I made a cake and cut brownies into a cave and had his Batman car coming out. The second is his spiderman cake. I took two thick tubes and put them in the cake and had spiderman going to one tower to the other. If I am the winner. and you would like to see the pics let me know and I will have my hubby copy the pics so I can add them. All the cakes cost me $10.00 and the guest always think they are out of this world.
    My DD would like me to ask some of her favorites. The school bus and the strawberry shortcake. I took shortcake and put the doll inside and added a balloon with stirings so it looked like a hot air balloon. Now we can not stop talking about all the cakes thank you for memorie lane. We have 2 kids ages 10 and 7. We will have to talk about all 17 cakes LOL

  341. We bake them…it’s a family birthday tradition!

  342. Buy but I’d like to try baking more!

  343. My husband loves white bakery icing and always wanted a store bought cake…until I discovered a recipe that wowed him. Now I make all our birthday cakes (6 times a year).

  344. I usually buy the cake for the big party that we invite all their classmates/friends/cousins to, but I bake the small cake that we have at home after dinner the night of their actual birthday.

  345. My kiddos are 2 and almost 1, so my birthday cake baking is just beginning. I do want to bake the cakes, though, instead of buying them. I made an Elmo cake for my 2yo’s birthday, and she LOVED it! 🙂

  346. I bake cakes, along w/ my daughter, who LOVES to decorate them!

  347. Tara LaPierre says:

    I normally buy so I dont have to think about it very much but I love wilton products! I love there chocolate molds!

  348. I always bake birthday cakes – I love baking so it’s nice to do. Also, I often find bought cakes don’t taste as nice and I’m loathe to spend the extra money on it.

    I decorate them, but I’m not as good at that. But it’s fun and the kids like the end result 🙂

    I’d so love to win this!

    Cheers, Wilma

  349. A mixture of both. I prefer making them myself.

  350. Tony Johnston says:

    My Father has always made birthday cakes for us. He took a few classes when he and my mother were married. He has actually done all of his childrens wedding cakes too! So in our house we get his homemade cakes, he does it for all his grandkids too! Gotta Love Wilton!

  351. We bake them! I love to decorate and hope I win for my family’s sake 🙂

  352. Hi, I always make the cake, but from a box, not scratch. I am always saved by sprinkles, and who cares what it looks like when you’re eating it, right?!! Love your site~ Shannon

  353. I try to make all our celebration desserts. They don’t ususally look great but they taste AWESOME! 🙂

  354. I’ve only made about three cakes but I have recently started to LOVE to bake. My son is also about to turn three in April and I want to make him a really neat cake. This would be perfect to do that!

  355. I love to bake and decorate cakes, so we do homemade. Sometimes I am more ambitious than others. With 3 girls 4 and under, I don’t have as much time to get fancy as I once did…

  356. I always bake cakes! They usually taste better than store bought ones! I just made a Wow Wow Wubbzy cake for my two year olds birthday! It came out adoreable but definitely could have been better if I had more cake decorating supplies. I would love to win this!

  357. we usually bake cakes coz I dont have the proper wares for baking at home.

  358. We let the birthday person choose which usually means I bake my daughter’s and buy my son’s. She likes to have small cakes for each guest to decorate. This year we baked the mini cakes in 3 different sized ramekins and made mini-3 tier cakes. Super cute but time consuming. 🙂

  359. We always bake our own. My kids will look for weeks for ideas for what kind of cake they want. They love to help decorate. Thanks to Wilton and The Happy Housewife for the opportunity to win!

  360. I usually buy – we love Sams and Costco cakes! But my hubby got me a veeery simple decorating kit for Christmas, so I’m hoping to start baking more cakes. This prize would definitely help. 😉

  361. I ALWAYS bake cakes. We have three birthdays in four weeks. I love coming up with different cakes and different themes. And I would LOVE this giveaway!

  362. I would love to win this! T always make home made cakes for my family and I am always looking for new ideas

  363. Elaine Smith says:

    always make cakes- bought ones are to expensive and do not taste as good as a homemade one. have 2 granddaughters and would love to win so i could make them some really cool cakes– thanks– Elaine

  364. I used to buy cakes, but I took a course from Wilton and decided that its much more fun to do it myself, even if its not as pretty 🙂

  365. It depends on how much time I have, but I love to put a personal touch on the cake by making it myself! I would LOVE to try out those photo cake toppers! My kids would think it’s so cool to have their picture on the cake 🙂 Blessings,

  366. Heidi Christianson says:

    I usually bake… the idea of buying a cake seems so foreign to me. Why give up hard earned money for a cake that tastes like cardboard? I love decorating cakes too, but have cut down on it as my big kids are getting big. I’ll have to do it again for my little guy.

  367. I always bake and decorate our birthday cakes. Nothing is better than celebrating a birthday with a special custom decorated cake. 🙂 Great giveaway, thanks!

  368. BAKING! My nieces and I make Elmo cakes (thanks to a cute Wilton pan), and I love to experiment with new cake recipes and decorations for my husband’s coworkers’ birthdays. So far, a cat, bunny, frog, heart, layer,e tc.

  369. crystal mcnutt says:

    What an amazing giveaway!!!

  370. My mother-n-law usually makes our cakes. I hate the taste of store bought cakes. I would love to try these out, to see if I can make something nice.
    We have 6 Birthdays in 8 weeks at our house!!!

  371. I love baking my own cakes, but am horrible at decorating them so this would a great learning tool for me!

  372. Always bake our own, but hate decorating them! Hopefully this will help! We have a few birthdays coming up I may have to go to the craft store!!

  373. I just recently started making cakes for my family and I would love to have this kit!! It looks like it would be a lot of fun!!

  374. We do both…I love a homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting but my husband has a secret obsession with bakery cakes from Sam’s!

  375. Oh! What a fun givaway! I used to buy cakes for birthdays but have started making them. My 4 kiddo’s and hubby really like that I am baking them myself. I would LOVE to play with these Wilton products to make some really fun cakes for them!

  376. I like to bake my own cakes but my decorating skills leave much to be desired. This is a great giveaway for those of us that are artistically challenged…

  377. I normally make the cakes here. We’ve done some fun ones. I will be making frog cupcakes and a Lego cake this week.

  378. i’ve just started baking from scratch and i’m always looking for new things to try! this site is teaching me a lot! thanks!

  379. Always bake! How fun!!!

  380. Wow! All of these comments ought to keep you busy–lol. We usually make our own cakes (unless it’s my cake and then my family buys me a cake). I don’t do anything too snazzy though I have fond memories of the beautifully decorated cakes that my Mom use to make for us when we were kids. I lack the proper Wilton equipment to play with that (and the time in this season of life 😉 However, one day, I may invest in some of those cute decorating tips and take the time to make something other than a cake with sprinkles. 😀

    Anyway, count me in. Sprinkles are very conducive to our season of life, and we love baking.

  381. I used to buy all my childrens birthday cakes, but it seems that for the past few years, their birthdays sneak up on me, to the point where I haven’t had time to order a cake. So instead I’ve been making their cakes and/or cupcakes, turns out they like them better!! Fun giveaway!

  382. I always bake our cakes. Each child gets to pick out what kind of cake they’d like on their birthday, and then I make it for them.

  383. I love to bake our own birthday cakes and *sometimes* go a little overboard with the decorations… have started learning to decorate since I became a SAHM and it’s SO much fun = ) Just like sewing or graphic design but on a cake!

  384. I do both. I’ve made a couple character cakes for my kiddos’ birthdays, some plain ones, a teddy graham/ beach cake, and cutesy cupcakes. I also will buy a cake, especially if I’m having a big party or don’t have time to bake one myself.

  385. Our only child turned two this month, and it was my first time (EVER) making a birthday cake at home. It turned out great and was so much fun. I don’t think I could pay for another cake again. =)

  386. My kids love picking out their birthday cakes for me to bake!

  387. Oh, so many goodies… I bake and decorate my own cakes; I’d love to win all of these goodies! Thank you for the opportunity.

  388. I love making my kids cakes!
    The last one, 3 lady bug cupcakes on a big green leaf was probably the cutest I have ever done. BUt my son still like to tell everbody about the car cake I made him with an alligator waving and driving.

  389. I bake. Sometimes decorating the cake is part of the party festivities.

  390. Susan Lundholm says:

    I usually like to bake my own!

  391. I usually make b/c I love to bake, but every now and then I give in and buy if it’s on sale. Cupcakes make my kids squeal! 🙂

  392. We like to bake our own cakes. Just yesterday my 8 year old was drawing up plans for her next birthday cake even though she’ll have to wait until October for her next birthday. 🙂

  393. I took a cake-decorating class in middle school and loved it! If I have the time, I’ll always choose to make/decorate my own cakes!

  394. I make our cakes. I love it and for some reason I just don’t feel right if I don’t. 🙂

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  395. Bake! Just made a “tow-mater” cake for my 4 yr old!

  396. I usually make a cake for them. Their choice.

  397. Hi! Love your blog! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity – my mom usually helps me bake/make my kids birthday cakes, and they are always SO much better than any bakery cake we have ever found. And we are very loyal to Wilton products! We’d love to win these! thanks for all the recipes and tips!

  398. We almost always bake our own. If we are feeding a ton of people we will buy one form Sam’s or Costco.

  399. I bake but definitely could use some help taking my decorations up a notch!

  400. I try to make them, but birthdays are my least favorite time and I get all anxiety ridden and so every so often hubs decides I need to buy one.

    Her cake looked great!

  401. we always bake b/c I don’t like grocery store icing. Granted it’s a pillsbury cake but my husband has got some cake decorating skills!

  402. I usually bake my own cakes. I especially like baking cupcakes. I just volunteered to make the birthday cupcakes for my growth group each month (which meets at your mom’s house!). I love your blog, by the way.

  403. I love to bake my own cakes but I bought my daugther’s 1st cake last year from Publix…my fave! I even drove an hour to pick it up. 🙂

  404. I TRY to make them.

  405. We always bake ’em! I didn’t know you could buy them. JK 🙂

  406. I normally bake cakes and let my daughter help with decorations.

  407. I normally try to make the cake but I don’t always have success. Usually need up with a cake that falls apart once it is out of the pan. I keep trying anyways.

  408. I made my first two cakes last year, a dinosaur for my daughter and a duck for my sun, this year she wants a pony and he wants a mouse so I will be trying home made cakes again.

  409. Julianne Black says:

    I love to bake my cakes and make them special for my family! Pick Me! 🙂

  410. I usually bake my own cakes. Not to good at decorating so would love some help.

  411. Please enter me! We make homemade birthday cakes and I would love to try some of these products.

  412. Always from scratch, there is nothing better than real buttercream frosting! I love Wilton’s products, they have always given me inspiring ideas! The kids love picking their birthday cake out of one of the Wilton year books!

  413. We bake our cakes from scratch and from mix, depending on time and money and energy. We very rarely buy cakes – I don’t think most bought cakes taste very good.

  414. I always bake my kiddos cakes…I practically have the Wilton aisle from Michaels in my basement 🙂

  415. I am a Wilton junkie! I took all the Wilton classes when my 9yo was 1 and my 8yo was in utero. And I’ve really enjoyed making all of their birthday cakes!

  416. Last year for my son’s 1st birthday I purchased a cake, a very, very, very expensive cake. What was I thinking? I plan to make his cake myself this year and have already been searching the internet for fun ideas!

  417. I normally buy but this might inspire me to bake my son’s birthday cake in May!

  418. It all depends at my house! Sometimes I bake and sometimes I buy! I love to bake myself if I have the time!

  419. I bake them! And I love it! Occassionally I’ve bought one from Costco and decorated the top in the right theme myself (their cakes are delicious and not expensive!) but once I had to buy one from a grocery store (while on modified bedrest with our 3rd child) and ugh, it was awful! What a neat set from Wilton!

  420. We don’t have our own kids yet, but we have always baked cakes in my family. I’ve always wanted to try something a little more fun than “plain ol sheet cakes”. My coworkers are inspiring each other to branch out!!

  421. Stephanie Neufeld says:

    I bake cakes and birthdays are a BIG deal around here 🙂 Thanks for doing this giveaway. It would be great to win.

  422. I normally bake my own but seriously I could so use all the help I can get 🙂

  423. I usually bake but sometimes I have to buy, had a few inedible cakes.

  424. we always bake a cake…these are super cute decorations and my kids would squeal with delight to get them as well!!

  425. I bake my own cakes their not always pretty but they taste better.

  426. I dream of being a mom who makes beautiful cakes for my kids!
    I’m making progress, but I need some help in the decorating department.
    These products look amazing.

  427. Wow, love that kit! I’m ashamed to admit that we usually buy our birthday cakes. I can bake a decent tasting one, but really need some help in the decorating department. 🙂

  428. I always bake even though they are not always ‘homemade’. Sometimes Betty Crocker helps me out. These decorations look sooo fun!

  429. I bake our cakes. We go through lots of sprinkles in our house, so I would LOVE to win this!

  430. Always bake mine. It’s a fun creative outlet. I love Wilton products.

  431. For years it was a cake straight from Costco. It was so easy and cheap. Well this last year for my oldest daughters 14 B-day(a luau theme) I got instructions from Betty Crocker for a flip flop cake. It turned out pretty cute for a first try. I have always wanted to take cake decorating classes. My grandma would always bake cakes for us for B-days, and now that she is gone I want my kids to have those great memories and feelings from their childhood.

  432. BAKE!! Have you seen the junk they put in those store bought cakes?? Yuck!

  433. I bake them. For myself to eat, usually! No birthday necessary. And since we’re a very small family, I split the recipe into 2 8×8 pans (rather than a 9×13) and freeze one. YUM!

  434. I always bake cakes for the kids and my husband, but usually buy a tres leches cake for me from a nearby bakery. These Wilton products look great!!!

  435. I bake my own. The last one I ordered was for my now-5-yr-old’s second birthday, and that was partly because I wanted to support the bakery downtown (guess I should have kept it up, ‘cuz they’re gone now 🙁 )

  436. I normally make my kids cupcakes… The kids love them, even though they are pretty boring.

  437. I usually bake my own cakes. My daughter is 8 months so I look forward to making her first cake in a few months and would love this kit!

  438. I make my mother-in-law bake the cakes, but I would love to learn

  439. I usually bake our cakes, however I am no artist. I have tried to ‘decorate’ but my attempts leave much to be desired (bulgy Barbie eyes, or misformed dinosaurs, etc). My children are content to have their favorite cake – and often they get to help decorate it the way they desire.

  440. We usually bake them. The lopsided, imperfect cakes are part of the fun!

  441. Katherine C. says:

    I normally bake all the cakes we have in our house.

  442. I always make our cakes! We don’t care for store bought cakes. We have lots
    of birthday cakes in our family too. This looks like fun for the whole family!
    By the way, your cake turned out great!

  443. Tabitha T. says:

    I usually buy because I’m afraid that the cake won’t look nice enough if I make it at home!

  444. I have made all of my sons cakes so far, he’ll be 4 in April, so I’m starting to plan right now. Our daughter will turn 1 in June so I want her cake to extra special. Thanks!

  445. Gail Bassett says:

    I have 3 kids, have always thrown themed parties at our home, and ALWAYS bake the cake – especially important is the homemade icing.

  446. I always try to bake but sometimes there just isn’t time!!
    BTW I’m a new reader, found you on the blog map, we live in southern maryland!

  447. I usually make my cakes, cupcakes are a favorite at my house. My husband and I even had a cupcake wedding cake!

  448. ooh my, if there is ever anything i would want to win it would be this. i love to bake i am not great at it but i LOVE it. last year i took the first 4 week class from wilton and was going to take class 2 but family things came up. i would love to take them again

  449. I always bake a cake unless they want something specific that I know I couldn’t create on my own. The bakery cakes never taste as good as mine though! 🙂

  450. Wilton is my favorite cake-related company. When I once tried another brand nothing fit and I was crunched for time so I ended up with a sprinkles-only cake…not a bad thing in and of itself, but not what I was going for.

  451. With time permitting I love to bake and decorate my own cupcakes. It’s even more interesting when the little ones put their creative juices to work in decorating them!

  452. I love this set. I normally make their cupcakes but if I need a cake I buy one just because I can’t decorate. 🙂

  453. Well, I mu;st admit that I usually get my mother-in-law to do my kids’ birthday cakes (SHOCKER). I love to cook, but I don’t enjoy baking as much. I would LOVE to win something like this…maybe it would help me be better in this area.

  454. Bake, bake, bake!!!! There’s nothing better than homemade!!

  455. Tammy Lawrence says:

    I don’t think I’m too creative when it coms to decorating cakes, but I love to decorate cup cakes. But this wide variety pf products may be just the trick to get my creative juices flowing to see if I can create something special!!! Hopefully if I win, there will be no more store bought cakes for me.

  456. We do both! When I know I am going to have the time, I do it myself. I am far from being a cake decorator but to save some money I make the cake and the frosting. I would love to win this. With all these supplies I think it would make me more excited to make my own cake:)

  457. I have done both but mostly I bake and decorate them in the theme they have chosen. I have even made ice cream cakes. Even though I stress over it I do enjoy doing it.

  458. I bake unless I have morning sickness, or just had a baby, or one or more of the six children is sick, or if I am sick…..so sometimes we have birthday ice cream!

  459. I prefer baking and decorating my kids’ cakes. When I am pressed for time, I do purchase a cake from our local bakery. I am always amazed at the expense!


  460. Both my children’s birthday’s are coming up in the next 8 weeks! This would be a great help and soo much fun! 🙂

  461. I bake our birthday cakes, and although a few have turned out cute, I’ve definitely had some disasters! I need all the help I can get!!

  462. I usually bake them and then do my best to decorate them myself. Thankfully my children are still young and still think anything sugary is wonderful – no matter how it looks!

  463. We definitely bake cakes around here. Noble Pig has some of our favorite recipes! Entirely too much fun with the kiddos!

  464. I bake our cakes and also do them for others as well. I took Wilton decorating classes several years back and loved it. All the items in the picture look like so much fun.

  465. I love to bake my own cake so winning this will be awesome.

  466. I bake, but usually with store bought boxes.

  467. I love to bake birthday cakes for my family! This was something that my mom did and it always made me feel special. I am thrilled to be able to do this for my family now. I’d love to try out all of the cool tools and gadgets to take my cake decorating to the next level!

  468. I usually bake our cakes and would love to win these supplies!

  469. Boy, could we have a lot of fun with that!

    I’m sort of half-and-half when it comes to baking and buying birthday cakes. As the kids become more helpful in the kitchen, we’ve been doing a lot more baking and decorating. We recently made 7 batches of cookies to decorate & pass out anonymously to our friends. My 10 yo ds said baking cookies was more fun than playing video games. We finished baking after I picked myself up off the floor.

  470. Charlotte Harloff says:

    I have been buying, but I plan to bake this year

  471. Our family usually makes simple cupcakes or an embellished cake mix cake. The kids don’t seem to care, they just want more cake! 🙂

  472. I usually bake our cakes from scratch, or use a box mix and jazz them up. Mine taste better and they are fun to make. Decorating the cake is a big part of involving the family in the party preparation, which adds to the fun!

  473. Definitely BAKE rather than BUY!
    My daughter who turned three on Christmas Day still has not had her birthday cake, because I have been on bedrest with baby #3 for the past two months.
    I’ve promised her a “Clifford the Big Red Dog” cake once I get back on my feet!
    I would absolutely LOVE the Wilton supplies! One time my husband wanted to get me a little “present” just because, and he got me a $10 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond, so I bought some cake decorator supplies because it was something I really wanted but not really a family “need.” 🙂

  474. I normally buy, but I’ve reallly been wanting to start making my own. All these great blogs have inspired me! I recently bought some icing bags and tips. Would love to win this. Thanks!

  475. After a less-than-stellar experience with ordering my son’s first birthday cake through the local grocery store (wherein they called me the morning of his party to tell me they had lost the toppers for his Sesame Street cake and could I go ahead and find some of my own TWO HOURS BEFORE THE PARTY STARTED… OR they graciously offered to make any other cake I wanted which was nice but since when does Diego, Lightening McQueen or Batman reside at 123 Sesame Street?!?! (I don’t have any residual angst from this experience or anything) AND THEN I arrive to pick up the topperless cake and find that it LOOKS NOTHING like the photo in the catalog. Fantastic. Happy first birthday, first-born son.) I now bake my own cakes. With a little help from Goggle and a good friend, I’ve made some cakes worth way more than the $5 I was charged for that Sesame Street disaster. 🙂

  476. So far, I’ve made Punkin’s birthday cakes. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun! This package would be a great win for the next birthday cake!

  477. So far I have made two cakes and bought one. I plan on putting a lot more effort into cake number four in June. Just have to pick a theme.

  478. Always make a special cake for the kids, Costco cake at most other events. Yum!

  479. I make cakes/cupcakes (from a box!) and decorate them. This past year we did a soccer ball cake and just this weekend, ladybug cupcakes

  480. Percilla Blackburn says:

    I bake my own cakes and have even baked small wedding cakes for the family. Would love to win such a wonderful gift.

  481. I have always made my kids’ birthday cakes. Somehow it seems more personal but I’m sure they would be happy either way. 🙂

  482. We bake nearly all of our cakes. We only buy ice cream cakes, really. We’d love to win this! Thank you.

  483. I usually buy 50% of the time and make them 50% of the time. I would love some new supplies to make more cakes at home!

  484. My mom is a wonderful cake decorator, so the honor usually falls to her. When she’s not here I usually bake & decorate.

  485. I used to decorate cakes a lot, but got really burned out and gave away all my tips and bags and stuff. Maybe I’d do it again if I could come up with something pretty yet simple!

  486. I have just started baking cakes and I also just took a class to decorate so this would be great to win. Thank you!

  487. I enjoy baking and decorating my kiddos cakes. I am planning the cakes for the twins’ party for this weekend, and I can’t wait to bake and decorate them!!! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  488. almost always bake, except a special cake my DH loves from a local baker.

  489. I normally make my cakes. I have started to fall madly in love with Wilton products from my local Michael’s (in Canada) and have to limit myself to go in there as I already have a rubbermaid bin full of stuff. I made my daughter’s 2 year birthday cake while 9 months pregnant and was so happy with all the ooohhhs and aaahhhs I got – I was very proud of myself doing a 2 layer fondant cake for a beginner!

  490. Brenda Herring says:

    My son is only 16 months and my daughter is 2 months, but my plan is make their birthday cakes. Homemade ones are much tastier and more fun than store bought cakes!

  491. I love to bake and I am teaching my 3 girls how to do cakes, cupcakes and cake decorating! I even bought them a fancy smancy cupcake stand to show off their hard work! I am also a stay at home mom and I would love this package!

  492. alli taggart says:

    I always bake, and I try to make them cute. and the cakes always look great in my head. and not-so-great in reality!

  493. I bake their cakes and decorate them myself. I get a LOT of help from Wilton supplies, from shaped pans to icing bags and tips and icing dyes. I’m always drawn to the Wilton aisle when I shop at party stores, Wal-Mart, JoAnn… anywhere!

  494. I bake my own, but no where near as nice as a bought one since I don’t have any of the tools. Would love to win this so I could try it out!

  495. We make our own cakes. Like you, I think they taste better. Additionally, then we know what’s in it.

  496. I’m all about baking my family’s cakes. Though I have to admit I did buy my husband’s birthday cake once. I was 8 3/4 months pregnant however. But still, I felt a teensy bit guilty, lol.

  497. I make the cakes for the people in my life! I absolutely LOVE Wilton products and I would hope that one day I can pursue my passion and make it a career!

  498. Please enter me! I love to bake & make cakes, but I have nothing more than a sandwich bag and homemade frosting to decorate with!

  499. What a fun giveaway! I always bake my kids’ cakes…it’s so much cheaper…and FUN!

  500. I usually bake my cakes, I love doing it especially for my own family!

  501. I usually make them…

  502. I LOVE baking and decorating cakes. I don’t do it too much and am not very good at it, but oh well. I still love it.

  503. Amomto4sweeties says:

    I bake. They aren’t as cute, but taste muuuuuuuch better!

  504. ALWAYS bake – and more times than none i choose to bake something different every time!

  505. I used to buy the cakes, now that I have so many children I make the cake now. 🙂

  506. I always let the birthday person choose their cake and then spend time figuring out how to make those “dream” cakes. One year my DD wanted a banana-pumpkin cake – complete with purple trim. It really didn’t sound appetizing at first, but turned into one of our all-time favorite cakes once we’d tasted it. I would love to win, I love using Wilton’s products and it would be so much fun to experiment with new items!

  507. It depends. Sometimes I buy but sometimes I make. If I weren’t such a novice at cake decorating I would make more. This would definitely help. Thanks

  508. I love to bake anything. But I always bake our cakes…and my husband even bakes mine(letting the children help decorate). The cakes don’t taste as if they have been in a freezer somewhere.

  509. beth goudreau says:

    thanks for the great giveaway! i make my girls’ cakes for their birthdays. Last year, I followed your tutorial for the barbie cake, this year she wants a heart cake. I get off easier with my oldest…she wants raspberry cheesecake every year. thanks again, I love your blog!

  510. I order our birthday cakes from a lady in town.

  511. I usually buy birthday cakes. But with this set I would certainly delve into baking them myself!!

  512. I started making my families occassion cake over a year ago. I really enjoy it and I am excited about all these new products!

  513. Patti Bright says:

    I normally buy cakes, but after seeing all this cool stuff, I make actually try to bake one…my kids would love me because believe it or not, they prefer when I make things for them…more effort equals more love 🙂

  514. I bake them!! I love all the fun toppings and accessories! There are so many paths to a great looking cupcake!

  515. Bake from scratch – always!

  516. Oh, WOW!!!!! That is an awesome giveaway! I usually bake cakes (homemade tastes best) but have bought a cake or two over the years.

  517. I bake my own cakes for some holidays/birthdays, but there are the few times I like to buy one too. But i love making things with my own hands.

  518. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    It’s a combination in our house. If we want an ice cream cake, we will buy it. It we want a simple-decorated cake (typically cupcakes), we’ll bake it.

  519. I bake the kids’ cakes. My little one turned 3 last month and I made her a castle cake. It was so pretty! She loved it. I have 2 kids born in March, one wants an ice cream cake (I can do that) and the other wants a coconut cake(I can to that but my mil makes a really good one too). I have been making their cakes for years and have a couple Wilton tips that I use over and over but I would LOVE to win this!

  520. I have done both. Sometimes my son wants something a little too complicated, but my favorite cake I ever did was for his 3rd birthday – it was a tractor trailer. I had so much fun being creative with that one! I always prefer the home made ones, but sometimes a store bought one can give you much relief if you are just not able to have the time. As long as I personalize it in some way, the kids always seem happy with it!

  521. We started making our own about 4 years ago. My daughter wanted to make it with me, so now it has become our little tradition. I was signed up to take the first Wilton decorating class a few months ago, but unfortunately my children were sick so I missed the first 2 classes. I’m planning on getting back around to taking the classes one day. I would love to win this! Good luck everybody.

  522. What a great giveaway! I’ve bought cakes and made my own. It’s always more fulfilling to make my own for the people I love.

  523. We bake our cakes! These sure looks like some fun decorating accessories.

  524. What a great giveaway. In our house, its 50-50 whether we bake or buy a cake. Really just depends on time and who is willing to actually bake. 🙂

  525. I normally bake the cake!! I LOVE baking so anytime I can give someone a cake, it just makes me happy!!!

  526. I am the mom of 6 boys and birthdays come around a lot. I usually b uy their cake sbut find they have too mkuch icing. I will be lookingfo rthese products would love to win. You have some of awesome ideas and I love reading your articels. Thanks and i always love first hand reviews. Kee p up the great work and ideas.

  527. Having three children, sometimes it is hard to be creative when making their birthday cakes each year but still, I refuse to buy a cake. One year, I designed a Rocket cake for a Little Einsteins birthday party. The thing took me three hours to decorate but it was FABULOUS! So, I could really use this prize pack!

  528. I always bake my kids a cake. I have 6 young children, so buying cakes gets expensive. But, my cakes never turn out very fun or cute!!!

  529. Heather Johnson says:

    I usually buy cakes, but it has always been a dream of mine to bake them.

  530. I make my family’s birthday cakes every year using Wilton products. I love decorating them! This Christmas we all learned the art of cookie blossoms too. What fun.

  531. I bake our cakes but they are usually nothing special. This would be great.

  532. I bake my own, but they never come out quite how I picture them in my mind. I think I’d love these new products.

  533. LOL We definitely do the frugal, homemade birthday party thing around here. As part of that idea, Jiffy Mix and I generally do the cakes…we’ve had a train (mini loaf pans), a figure-8 race track (half a round on top of of a 9 by 13), and a princess castle (a couple of squares stacked up with ice cream cone towers). LOL I have fun learning and the Vikings are still small enough not to care if something is leaning or off center! LOL

  534. I usually bake my own. They taste great, but they don’t look very pretty! With 2 little girls who want princess parties I could use the help!!!

  535. On birthdays each child (and Mom and Dad) picks their own cake. Then we team up and bake the cake and decorate it! Some of our creations have worked great and others, well, not so great! ?

  536. We make cupcakes. The kids love to help. They pick out the colors, flavors and sprinkles themselves.

  537. Sharon Stoudt says:

    I always make my own (too expensive to buy one!), but the amount of decorating varies depending on how inspired I am. It’s never fancy, but it would be fun to learn to do more!

  538. I usually buy cakes but over the past year I have started baking them myself. They are fun to make and taste better than the store bought ones.

  539. We always make birthday cakes. The only exception is when the bday child wants an ice cream cake–those I buy.

  540. i love to bake cakes. so does my sister so we’re currently battling over who gets to keep my mom’s old decorating stuff. this kit would really help us come to an agreeable solution to the issue

  541. What a fun giveaway! I have done both but I mostly buy my cakes. Would love to win this set! Thanks!

  542. I usually make the bday cakes for our family – 🙂 Thanks!!

  543. Always bake – much cheaper and tastes better, too!

  544. I usually bake my own cakes. Sometimes the decorations turn out great, and other times I’m not so pleased, but my kids always seem to love it….and that’s what matters, right?

  545. I always bake their birthday cakes – and most times they help with their own cake. They love the experience as much as the final masterpiece. Also, we often use Wilton products to make what we call cakies – cookies made out of cake mix. Quick, easy and allows for many individual sized masterpieces.

  546. We normally bake cakes and such, I use a box mix, but when my husband bakes a cake he does it from scratch.

  547. I would love to give these products a try. I make our cakes, unless they ask for an ice cream cake. There was one birthday I couldn’t make the cake, but a friend came to the rescue and made it for me.

  548. OH MY GOODNESS what an awesome giveaway!!! I always bake my own cakes, mostly because I LOVE TO BAKE! This past’s year’s kids’ cakes included a Sponge Bob cake and a 2 ft long (I am not kidding) hot pink electric guitar cake for my daughter’s “rock star” party. I would love to win this giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

  549. Robbfamily7 says:

    I have done both. I actually have taken a Wilton cake decorating class. So when the kids where little I made all of their cakes. Now, life is so busy that I usually just pick one up at Walmart. Not nearly as good, but saves me so much time. And dishes.

  550. for parties i buy cakes, for home or small gatherings i bake them.

  551. Because two of my three children have serious peanut allergies, I bake their cakes. Wilton does have some of the most amazing products on the market. They help even my meager attempts at decorating look good!

  552. Carrie McGuinness says:

    Would love to win Wilton supplies!

  553. I love to make birthday cakes for my girls and I always use Wilton products! I am making an enchanted garden cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday on Saturday!

  554. I guess it depends. I like to make cakes, but I really need some more experience.


  555. Gee, would I LOVE to try these products!!! For the last year, I’ve been making my kid’s birthday cakes, plus goodies at the different holidays for my son’s first grade class. I really enjoy being creative and trying new things, and to me it’s not just about making something good to eat that is pleasing to the eye, but rather an expression of your love for those that you are baking for.

  556. I laughed out loud when I read your post on cake decorating!!As the mom of 7 great kids too, I feel your pain over too many cakes sometimes!(my busy bday season is May thru July)..The wilton stuff looks great!!I have been wanting to take a cake decorating class for sometime,(with 7 little ones, a job and a hubby,i cant imagine why I havent found the time!!!)the wilton products may be just the thing for me to transform my cakes into something really great!!(even though my kids think my cakes are THE best!!lol)

  557. I make the holiday cakes for my family & decorating them is so much fun. I have been admiring this new line of Wilton products at Michael’s, but have not tried them yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  558. That is an Awesome bunch of cake decorating products to try. How much fun!!!! My 15 yr.old daughter is wanting to learn some fun easy new ways to decorate cakes. Thank you for this opportunity!!!! Thanks to Wilton’s Too!!! 🙂

  559. Christy Jarabeck says:

    I always make mine, and always bake them with love! 😉

  560. I always bake my own, but these accessories will make them look great!! Count me in.

  561. We rarely buy cakes. If we aren’t making them ourselves someone in the family is making them. My aunt when she was alive use to make a few cakes each month whether for one of her nieces or nephews or one of the students in her class, they were amazing and so inventive. So far I have made all my Daughter’s cakes though simple has been the name of the game. I have a feeling frosting and sprinkles won’t be cutting it come the next birthday. This would be a great opportunity to try out some new things and make her birthday special.

  562. OMG, I am so excited about this giveaway. My daughters are 2 and 3-1/2 and I have always made their birthday cakes. My mom always made mine and I wanted to do the same for my girls. I love wilton products. Even though I have never taken a decorating class and I’m not a pro, their products always help me look like I know what I am doing. Thanks for this giveaway. I will be ecstatic if I win!

  563. I always bake our cakes and I LOVE Wilton products. This would be a great product for me to try out!!

  564. I usually bake cakes for my girls’ birthdays. One year I made a cupcake cake shaped like a butterfly another year I made a cake shaped like Mickey Mouse.

  565. Tammy Braswell says:

    I have seven children too! Birthdays at our house come often too, I make their cakes myself and love it. I am not the best by no means but I do enjoy baking and decorating cakes. I try to always make what they request.

  566. I usually bake the cake– It always tastes so much better!

  567. How awesome it would be to win this!! My oldest, at home, dd loves to make cakes. I use to always buy the birthday cakes from a local {small town} grocery store. They had the best tasting cakes & frosting I have ever had, not like these places now where the frosting tastes like flavored shortening. But that one big store, ahem something Mart, came in town and knocked off all our stores, including the store with the best bakery . So now we usually make our own. A few times I have hired a friend who makes cakes semi-professionally. I think the kids enjoy it the most when we make our own though.
    Thanks Happy Housewife!!
    donna…mommy to 11

  568. I used to always buy cakes because the kids liked picking out the decorations and it was just easier. I’ve started making my own in the last few years. The number one reason being the cost of buying cakes and tight economic times. Plus, we can never eat all of those huge cakes. I’ve continued to do it even though finances are better because, well, it’s just more fun! 🙂
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  569. I sometimes buy and sometimes bake. We have a big celebration on their even birthdays. We have seven children which tranlates to four big and three smaller celebrations one year and then the opposite the next year.

  570. Heidi Dindial says:

    There is something about cakes that are baked from your own oven. I think the taste is such a difference between store bought cakes and homemade ones. I use to buy all the cakes for everyone occasion from the bakery at random grocery stores. Now, as a stay at home mom our budget has changed. I find it less expensive to bake it myself! After many attempts at this I am finally starting to produce amazing (at least I think so) cakes. My son told his teacher I am the best baker ever! Melted my heart!

  571. I have always baked cakes for birthdays, but I like to keep the decorating simple. No gazillions of stars!

  572. I usually bake a cake from a box mix. In my book, that counts as homemade!

  573. I have always bought a cosco cake in the past but i’m making my daughter’s this year!!

  574. I bake/decorate my own and I buy depending on what is going on. My kids (5) have always loved my decorated cakes. Not fancy by any means, but that’s ok. I would love to try these products out. Thanks for all your information!

  575. I typically do bake my daughter’s cakes every year for their birthdays, as well. There have been a time or two in the past, however (or maybe just one time) where we were pressed for time and instead purchased a plain, undecorated cake from Costco and then decorated it ourselves at home.
    This kit looks fabulous- thanks for sharing!

  576. Marnie Nelson says:

    I usually bake their cakes – german chocolate for my son, strawberry for my oldest daughter and since the baby just turned 2 I usually make banana muffins for her. Fun fun fun. Would loooooooove a chance to use the supplies as my daughters especially would squeal with delight over all that fun stuff!

  577. I normally buy one already decorated. I would love to make my own though!

  578. ME, pick me!!And laughing cuz it said my comment was too short…now it’s not.

  579. I usually bake our cakes, but every once in a while, I’ll get one from a cake lady. I have a lady that is VERY reasonable and much better than store bought! I’m a cake snob – cake is very important to me! I hope I win!! My kids would be so excited!!

    Thanks for your awesome tips!

  580. i LOVE baking, but my cakes always need a little decorating help.

  581. I make them and I have so much fun doing it! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  582. I usually bake but have been known to buy an icecream cake!

  583. I would love to win this–please enter me.

  584. Used to bake all the cakes. Even took decorating classes to improve my skills. Now, with more children & less time, I’m more likely to get cake from Costco. I surely love homemade birthdays, but unless it’s requested by the birthday child, my laziness wins and store-bought cake gets the candles!

  585. Robbi Shirley says:

    I have always purchased my children’s birthday cakes until this year. My husband and I are in Dave Ramseys FPU class & have rethought purchasing cakes. I have taken the Wilton class & made both of my kids birthday cakes this year. They are much more economical and taste better!

  586. These look really cute,I always make my own cakes & would love to give these products a try. Thank you.

  587. Bonnie Curtis says:

    I usually bake the birthday girl, boy or husband their favorite cake.

    Lately we’ve been doing lots of cupcakes. So now I need to go check out the cupcake wraps 🙂

  588. I always make and decorate cakes. I took a cake decorating class at the local community college (similar to Wilton’s 1st course). This really helped me learn some of the right ways to do things. My favorite now is writing. I used to be horrible at it — now it looks good :). We’ve got several birthdays coming up too.

  589. Jackie Haider says:

    I would love to win these products!! I’ve never really given “fancy” cake baking a try!!

  590. Brenda Borchert says:

    I bake cakes and have since dd9’s first birthday. From cake forms (Bob & Larry) to a Death Star (using a basketball form) and many cupcakes in between (ice cream cones and bugs/butterflies).

  591. It’s about 50-50. Each family member gets to choose whether they want a store bought or home made cake. Some of us do a storebought one year and a home-made the next. With a spring birthday, I prefer anything made with fresh strawberries!!

  592. Most of the time I go back and forth because of the time it takes to make my own cakes but in the end I always make them. Oh how I would LOVE to get this set….
    It would be a HUGE help for me since I am just starting out and don’t have everything I need yet!!

  593. I always bake my cake and cupcake. I make my own frosting.
    My family will only eat my frosting. I don’t decorate them because I not
    good at this. I would like to try.

  594. We usually bake. Now that my kids are older, they do most of the baking. They would be thrilled with these cute products! 🙂

  595. I bake our cakes. I used to buy the character cake pans, but decorating those seemed to take a lot of time. So now I just make a regular cake and do simpler decorating.

  596. I use to always make the cakes, and really enjoyed it. Then it was getting more expensive to make them, so I just bought them. I would love to make my sons 6th birthday cake in March.

  597. Always bake! It makes it extra special!!

  598. I use to bake my kids bd cakes w/Wilton cake pans…what a joy it was to see their little faces. now they are grown and dont live close by but I am into baking cupcakes and decorating them for my nieces and nephews. I would love to have this decorating kit to experiment with.

  599. I love making cakes for my kids birthdays! It’s so great to see their faces when the cake is just what they want (even if it’s not perfect:-) Would love to win this with my daughters birthday fast approaching!

  600. I enjoy baking my own cakes. It makes it special for the kids and they taste so much better!

  601. WOW! This is my kind of giveaway! How fun. Thanks!

  602. Michelle Leichty says:

    I usually buy their cakes because I am decorating challenged.

    I would love to win this giveaway so I could start baking cakes. It is more of a personal touch.

  603. Michelle Leichty says:

    I usually buy their cakes because I am decorating challenged.

    I would love to win the giveaway so I could start making cute cakes at home. It
    is more of a personal touch.

  604. Usually it is bake the cake as my granddaughter loves to help and is quite good at decorating. We celebrate birthdays for everyone we know now.

  605. Ever since college I have been the designated cake baker for my friends. I love it, its a creative way for me to do something for birthdays that doesn’t cost much out of my pocket. I’m still trying to perfect a butter creme frosting though.

  606. liza hernandez says:

    I usually bake their cakes. My children enjoy a homemade cake over a bought one any day!

  607. Amber Mark says:

    I always, always, always bake my kids cakes. Not only do they taste better, I am creating a memory for them that they will alway have. Even if they don’t remember what they got that year, or who came over, they will remember that Mom made their cake. All three love trying to stump me with ideas, but I always make it work. I have done, yoda, dora, castles, lilo and stitch, dirt cake with worms and a caterpillar cake, just to name a few. You name it and I have done it!!!!

  608. I love your blog! I always bake. I never have found a pre-made cake that I like. It’s part of the charm of the birthday, that I make everyone’s cakes. Sometimes, even for my own birthday! When my son turned 1 this past summer, I used Wilton cupcake decorations. I LOVE THEM!

  609. I’ll take any reason I can to bake from scratch!

  610. I have always made my children’s birthday cakes. It is such a fun time for them to tell you exactly what they want and get creative about it. I absolutely love Wilton products and have even started making alot of fondant cakes.

  611. I bake our cakes, my husband buys my birthday cake! 🙂

  612. I usually bake my family’s birthday cakes; they taste so much better than the store bought ones. I am not a naturally creative person so I can use all the help I can get when it comes to decorating!

  613. Ann Mackey says:

    I always bake my cakes. It is more personal and it shows my love and caring! I can also pray for the person as I bake the cake.

  614. I always bake! My kids, for some reason, seem to think I’m able to make anything they dream up. Not always the case, lol!

  615. I used to make my own cakes. I worked at a craft store and used to buy lots of Wilton products. I love their stuff. Now that my kids are in college, I usually buy them a cake. But I know they’d rather have a homemade one. What a great giveaway to get started again. Thanks.

  616. I always bake my cakes and decorate them myself. I am not a fan of the store cakes. I would absolutely love, love, love this set. It looks so fun!

  617. Karin Alvarado says:

    I have always purchased a cake for my twin girls in the past, I did make ice cream cupcakes one year with the help of my mother, however I think I’m going to begin making their cake after seeing a friend do it with such success. I look forward to the challenge.

  618. When my oldest daughters were smaller we would bake a cake and they would decorate it. Now that they are older they prefer something already decorated. I would love to be able to make my kids a really cool cake that looks as good or better than something bought from the store.

  619. I always make a cake…something different each time 🙂

  620. I normally purchase a cake. I would love to be able to try my handy work at this for my DD birthday in April.

  621. I love to bake cakes esp. cupcakes…this is a great giveaway! I would love a little help in the decorating dept.!

  622. I usually bake my cakes, and I love using Wilton products. I have to admit to occasionally buying a cake during buys seasons, though.

  623. I bake a cake for my children’s birthday and then cupcakes for them to take into school. I would love to win this gift pack!

  624. March, April, and September are big times for birthdays in the family. We usually make our own, but every so often it is nice to get an ice cream cake.

  625. I would love to win this!!! ~ I always make home-made, and let them pick their favorite cake or cupcakes, cheesecake, pie, etc… Their wish is my command!!

  626. I love to bake and decorate cakes on my own. So much more fun!

  627. I make our cakes…but the ideas in my head are usually bigger than my experience and ability to make them, so I’m not sure how well they turn out! But I sure have fun trying, though!

  628. kelly ronca says:

    We love Carvel Ice Cream cakes, but I do bake special ‘themed’ ones for the kids birthdays.

  629. I always bake our cakes. Some have turned out better than others, but I have fun doing it and the kids like to see (and eat) something made especially for them.

  630. We always bake our kids birthday cakes, we also bake all our own cakes for the holidays, We 8 children it is much cheaper to bake then buy already made cakes. And Homemade cakes and frostings are the best…. And I love decorating to match what each child is into or likes…..

  631. I usually buy my cakes. However, for the first time this year, I made my son animal cupcakes for his party!

  632. Sharon Warner says:

    I usually make homemade cakes, at my families request. Wilton is my favorite company for cake decorating. Their products can make a novice look professional.
    I would love to try the new products. We have a lot of spring birthdays coming up too.

    Sharon Warner

  633. I use to buy our cakes but now we bake them ourselves and we love decorating them too. Me and my nine year old twin girls love baking and we would love to try these out. We have a birthday coming up and could really have a blast with these.

  634. I came across your website today after doing a google search on “grinding flour for homemade bread.” I love what I’m reading! I’m also a stay-at-home, home schooling mother who loves Jesus!
    When I was growing up, my mother always let my sister and me pick out our birthday cakes in her Wilton cake decorating book. It was so special to me, that I’ve carried on the tradition with my own three children. I ask them what kind of cake they want and then I attempt to make it! Far from professional I am, but my kids think I’m the greatest cake decorator in the world!!

  635. Rachael E. says:

    WOW!!!! This kit looks AWESOME!!! I, like you, homeschool and have many children (4 so far, but working on adopting some) and we struggle with finances like everyone else these days. I have baked our own cakes off and on for several years, but these past few years my older girls have enjoyed getting to decorate their own cakes. And for my younger ones, I have been baking the cupcakes for their parties and then letting them each decorate their own individual cupcakes as part of the party fun! So needless to say this kit would be a huge hit at our house! These definitely look like something I would buy …often! 🙂

  636. Yvonne Fortin says:

    I am a subscriber, and I have just discovered wilton baking supplies. I would LOVE to win this prize, as we have an enormous amount of pot lucks, and I always get assigned the baking. I would like to have something spectacular to present next time.
    Please pick me!

    Thanks for all your great tips, and God bless.

  637. I bake all of my own cakes, so I would LOVE to win this prize. Last year I made a Hello Kitty cake for my daughter and baseball cupcakes for my son!

  638. I fluctuate between baking and buying. Like you, we are a large group (8 in our house) with 5 of our birthdays falling within an 8 week fall into winter period. So, yes, I LOVE the Wilton products, and anything they have done to make the process simpler and more fun, I’d LOVE to try. My kids prefer our home made, “custom” made cakes.

  639. I bake, but rarely decorate. My Mom had mad decorating skilz, but I never had the equipment or the patience.

  640. I always bake! It’s not only fun, but I know for sure that they were made with love! 🙂

  641. I try to bake my children their birthday cakes. These products look like they would be lots of fun to try.

  642. I allow my kids to pick their cakes each year- store bought or homemade. I was going to bake my daughter’s cake this weekend for her birthday- but her whole class has pretty much RSVP’d to her birthday bash so I let her pick the cake from the store. Thank goodness for Sam’s and a cheap 1/2 sheet cake (under $20). I would love to be able to do more in regards to making my own cakes- my mom always made ours and I loved it- especially the Jello cake that was my favorite!

  643. As far as cakes go, if it’s something that I want to eat, I make it. DELICIOUS! Or if it’s for adults, or a party or potluck, I LOVE to make 3 layer cakes. As far as kids birthday’s go, they usually pick their favorite from the bakery. (as i feel intimidated by “decorating” cute.) HOWEVER, with this fun and comprehensive set from Wilton, maybe my inadequacies would be overcome! 😉

  644. I posted about birthday cakes today, too. I always make my own, but I’m not very good at decorating! Maybe I’ll win your giveaway and improve before the next family birthday!

  645. Deborah Slabaugh says:

    I bake all my kids cakes and I love it. They love it too, but by no means am I a professional in this area.

  646. We bake our cakes! We just finished a cow cake for my son’s birthday and I’ll be making a dinosuar cake for my daughter next month! This kit sure would come in handy!!

  647. I like to bake, but I’m not so great with frosting. I think it is because I am too impatient, every time I tell myself I will wait until it is cool, but I never wait long enough.

  648. I bake all the cakes, except for my own…we get an ice cream cake or DH goes and picks up a cake for me. But I bake everyone else’s cakes…

  649. Lori Hartshorn says:

    One of my teenage daughters loves to decorate cakes. I have nine children plus one step-son, so we do a lot of cake decorating!

  650. Lori Hartshorn says:

    I forgot to mention that we usually bake our own cakes, all sorts, from cheese cakes to flavored cakes. In a time crunch, we’ll buy a boxed cake to make. Yummy!

  651. Brandi Jones says:

    I bake our own cakes. Most recently we celebrated two birthdays with a lady bug theme. We used a soccer ball cake pan, and decorated with black and red icing and used pipe cleaner for the antena, and topped it off with googly eyes we had around the house. Also most recent we celebrated the completion of my mothers brest cancer treatments with a huge cake cut in the shape of the pink ribbon. She loved it!!!!

  652. Generally I would bake cakes UNLESS they (the children) wanted someting in a design I simply couldn’t pull off (as in… a Harley, my now 10, then 5 year old wanted for his birthday one year). I love to surf the net, find something creative and make it for them. I’ve mastered the art of the carrot cake and my recipe is to die for! That’s the request of my dad and extended family. My husband loves the Oreo cake from Kraftfoods.com (I think). I’m a plain-Jane kinda girl and my 5 year old really doesn’t LIKE cakes so we always have to buy him a big cookie cake.

  653. I usually bake. I am not real good at decorating but plan on taking a Wilton class real soon. This is an AWESOME giveaway! Very exciting!!

  654. we do both. Buy and make cakes. The boys do not care as long as they get cake!!

  655. I have recently started decorating my own cupcakes for my children’s birthday and baptisms. These look great, especially for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday! Thank you for all of your tips! You have been such a great help to me since I discovered your blog 🙂

  656. michelle norris says:

    Well, let me tell you that I used to buy all of my cakes, until the start of this year. I’ve been taking the Wilton cake decorating classes offered at Michael’s Craft Stores here inVirginia Beach, and now I am baking and decorating my own cakes for birthdays! I am so excited about the new Wilton product line! And baking your own cakes have never been so easy and so attractive! Thanks for offering such a cool drawing and I can’t wait to use some of the cupcake holders – how neat are those!

  657. I usually bake cakes myself. If I am out of time, I’ll buy one, but I like to be able to decide exactly how it will look. There are no surprises when I make it myself.

  658. Cindy ziliak says:

    Normally I buy my cakes, but have always wanted to try decorating. Now that I am raising my grandaughter, it would be a great project for the both of us! Thanks for the chance to do so!

  659. In the past, it has been an equal mix of buying cakes or making them. It usually depends on the time I have until the party/gathering. A kit like this would be awesome! You could do just about anything from the way it looks…

  660. I bake my girls their birthday cakes. This year I let my oldest help with the cupcakes. She was so proud she got to help make her cupcakes for her party.

  661. I have to admit I do both. Depends on whether we are traveling for the birthday to visit family or staying home. Looks like super cute stuff.

  662. We love to make and decorate cakes and would love to be able to experiment with all those goodies!

  663. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a cake I always make them.

  664. WOW! What a popular give-away! I can see why. It looks awesome! I have 6 children, and like you, it seems like we have birthday in bunches. Our biggest bunch is from mid-November until the end of the year. Add this to the already busyness of the holidays and….well I bet you can only imagine.

    I use to be one of those moms that always bought a cake. In fact, sometimes 2 cakes for each birthday. After we got child #5, that all changed. Now I prefer to make my cakes (and only 1). Usually they are nothing too special. But that is why I would LOVE to win this. My kids would be so impressed by me : )

  665. Kathaleen Walling says:

    I make all our cakes and love decorating them. The grandkids come up with some wild ideas but so far they have been pleased with how they turn out. I use cookie cutters and decorate around them.

  666. I make my own cakes. They always taste better than they look!

  667. My son is turning 5 this weekend. I am making his cake. In fact I froze the batter in the pans on Monday so I can bake it fresh on Friday.

  668. I bake my cakes… from store bought mixes and topped with homemade buttercream icing.

  669. I love to bake and decorate cakes but I’m still a beginner, so the particular event depends on if I buy or bake…I’d love to have this set, especially to make my flops still look good!

  670. I always bake cakes but my decorating skills are lack lustre. I have grand visions for my cakes but they tend to not turn out quite as I had hoped. What an awesome giveaway!

  671. Oh how I would LOVE to win this! I usually buy them. I want my kids to have cute cakes but don’t know how to decorate them. After spending waaay to much $$ for my son’s birthday cake, I bought a beginners guide from Wilton. So I am really hoping to learn how to decorate my own. Oh please let me win! (:

  672. I bake the cupcakes myself I don;t like the taste of store bought.

  673. I used to make all my cakes when I was living at home but have recently been buying them because I don’t have the supplies to decorate.

  674. I always buy them.

  675. I LOVE all that extra frosting in the roses or balloons so we usually buy, but I’ve been contemplating stretching my homemaking muscles and making the next birthday cake. These supplies sure would be inspirational!

  676. Oye! So cool! I LOVE to bake and decorate cakes!
    Its so much fun!

  677. Crystal F. says:

    I always make all of my oen special occassion cakes. They taste yummy and I am working on my decorating skills.

  678. I bake my own cakes and usually decorate them too. I’m obsessed with making fun cakes for family and friend’s birthdays and even made my sister’s wedding cake for her New Year’s Eve wedding this past year for her Christmas gift (red velvet with chocolate ganache and buttercream icing). I think cake makes everyone happy and I love to bring the happiness!

  679. Marcy Galloway says:

    I absolutely make my own cakes for my kids’ birthdays! I just finished my first cake decorating class and am so excited to use my new skills (and hopefully some new Wilton products from you!) for the March & April birthdays my kids have coming up! Yeah!

  680. When my oldest was little I would buy her cakes but have since learned it is much easier and cheaper to make our cakes. Plus my kids love to decorate their own cakes and I am all for letting them help out.

  681. I always buy our birthday cakes but have 2 sisters-in-law that make theirs and I LOVE the way they turn out. This might be just the thing I need to get me started baking my own cakes!!

  682. Being a Mom to five little ones I save by always decorating my kids cakes. And depending on what they are interested in for that year I try to design the cake with that theme. For example my 8 year old is into hunting this year so he got a cake with hunting dogs and hunting men on his cake. He and his friends thought it was awsome and the neat thing is my kids will always talk about their favorite decorated cake around b-day time.

  683. I love to bake cakes but feel they don’t always come out very nicely, it seems purchased cakes always look better. I’d love to win this prize so I can make my own cakes look awesome!! 🙂

  684. For my daughter’s first birthday, I planned to bake her cake, but ended up on bedrest (I was pregnant with her brother at the time) and DH bought a cake instead. For her second birthday, I slaved over a Tinkerbell cake and ended up so frustrated that my DH saved the day by taking over and decorating it himself! For my son’s first birthday, we were out of town celebrating with family, so I just bought cupcakes. My daughter’s birthday is coming up again and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. I would love to bake the cake, but don’t want to end up frustrated and stressed again. If I won this, I would most certainly bake it!

  685. I make cakes, but they rarely turn out beautiful!

  686. I always bake our own cakes. I don’t like all the processed stuff in the store bought ones and much prefer to be creative in decorating our own. It’s time consuming but fun. I also don’t have 7 children to decorate for…only 2 very young ones! 🙂

  687. These products look fun!! Where were these when my kids were little? I’ve made and decorated quite a few cakes in my time. Fun and thanks for sharing!!

  688. I always make cakes, but as my children aged, they got less elaborate. Now that I have grandchildren, it’s fun to decorate again!

  689. I make my kids birthday cakes because I am not crazy about the taste of store-bought ones.

  690. I bake using a mix.

  691. Betsy Negley says:

    I used to buy all my birthday cakes, until I married a man whose mother catered for a living for a while. She makes and decorates all her cakes. She has taught me so much over the past 9 years, that now I try my hand at baking and decorating on my own.

  692. What a great giveaway! I always bake cakes so this would be fabulous!! xo

  693. When we have cake I usually make it. That way I get to lick the bowl!

  694. I love to buy cakes because I like them to be a standout feature of the party. However, I don’t always have the money for a professional cake and make them myself. I’d love to have these goodies to help me out!

  695. I always bake, its part of the gift =)

  696. with a family of 10, we make our cakes! my 15 yo is wanting to take some cake decorating classes, so this would be so fun to win 🙂

  697. I make all my grandkids birthday cakes. I always let them choose what they want me to create. one of my favorites was the treasure chest cake!

  698. I have my daughter make me cakes and then I get to lick the bowl.

  699. We always make our cakes. I think they taste better!

  700. I DID normaly buy cakes or cupcakes but just in the past few months I realized how EASY and FUN they are to bake at home!!

  701. Kathryn Crane says:

    I normally buy a cake or my mother in law makes one! 😉

  702. I bake my own. =) I love that it allows me to create absolutely anything I want. I would love to try out these products!

  703. I used to purchase cakes, but since I found a great icing recipe I make them myself! It’s fun and I save so much $!

  704. I bake my own. My husband actually likes to decorate them, so he would be thrilled to win this.

  705. I bake all the cakes. Just something I think is special.

  706. About 3 years ago, I started baking my kids birthday cakes (boys) for their family and friend’s parties. I was apprehensive at first because they weren’t really pretty. When everyone tasted them though, they commented how tasty they were with less of a “fake sugary” taste if that makes sense. For my 8 year old’s birthday this year, there was alot of activity so I bought him a cake from the local grocery store. He told me how disappointed he was that he didn’t have a mommy cake. To make decorating easier, I let the birthday boy put miniature action figures or army men on his cakes so he can decorate the way he chooses. Fun!

  707. I often make my own cakes…I especially like to make fun and creative cupcakes. They are just so fun.

  708. I really enjoy your site and love your whole wheat recipes.
    I am one that loves to cook and bake, but when it comes to birthdays, tends to buy cakes at the store because I don’t know if I could be creative to make one cute enough. These new products look like they could really save you money by making your own cakes and making them look fabulous. My daughter has a birthday in March and I would love to try them out.

  709. I always make my own cakes, actually making one today. I would love to win this package. As a matter of fact, I was just in JoAnn’s Fabric this week and picked up Wilton’s cake decorating class schedule.

  710. We bake. My step daughter wanted to go to a new bakery and one cupcake was four dollars. I went to the store with coupons in hand and we got enough baking supplies to make four cakes with what it would cost us for one cupcake. I love teaching her how to use her money wisely.

  711. I always bake :). It’s a lot less expensive and they taste so much better homemade. Thx for the chance to win this, it looks fantastic and so much fun!

  712. Jackie Revoir says:

    I have taken a couple of the Wilton Classes and LOVE their stuff. I usually make the cakes for my and my husband’s families. These things would be wonderful to have!

  713. We always bake them and my artist husband decorates them. Much tastier and more fun that way!

  714. I usually make the birthday cakes. The more i learn the more i enjoy doing it :).

  715. Tiana Petersen says:

    I usually make a pie for my husbands B-day (he always wants pumpkin!!) but now that we have our first child…I will be making her b-day cakes!!! YAY…can’t wait!

  716. I usually make my own. Would love to try my hand at all those decorating items.

  717. brianne ort says:

    I always bake my own cakes and cupcakes. too expensive from the store.

  718. I love making cakes for my boys. I find it is a great way for us to spend some time together!!!

  719. It’s a toss up. Some of the kids want me to bake them a neat cake and others want a store bought cake.

  720. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Entry from Beth… 🙂

  721. I always buy birthday cakes. I wish I had the talent to do the decorating.

  722. I love WILTON!! I bake most of our cakes, ranging from very simple to ornate! Thanks

  723. This would be wonderful as I’ve got a 17th birthday coming up in our house on April 4! What a great addition to making that special cake this year.

  724. We have always make our own cakes. However I have started to really like cupcakes.

  725. Courtney Ely says:

    I ALWAYS make my cakes and cupcakes. I used to decorate cakes for a grocery store and was discusted at some of the “usual” things they did…like using a frozen wedding cake that had been in the freezer for over a year! And cakes coming in frozen and completely decorated…there was no originality. I have gotten away from making everyone in the office a cake, but still do family cakes. I would love to try these products and make my co-workers happy by beginning the birthday traditions again!

  726. I try to make my own cakes. I usually decorate with a store bought toy that goes with the theme of the party, it doubles as a gift after the party.

  727. I like to bake our birthday cakes – that way they are gluten -free and have less sugar, too! Those decorations are awesome! I can see how children (and bakers) would have so much fun using them!

  728. Michelle W. says:

    We only bake cupcakes–too expensive to buy!

  729. I love making our cakes. I was ecstatic when my best friend’s little boy started asking me to make his birthday cakes a couple years ago. I just wish my mom had not donated her totes of cake pans.

  730. We always make our cakes. It is simply to expensive to buy cakes for the birthdays 🙂 Plus my kids get to pick the flavor and colors and “specialness” Luckily I have some time to practice (they are 5 3 and 4 months right now) to get great. But for now I am awesome just making them 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome chance!!!!
    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  731. I normally buy cakes at Wal Mart but the expense is just too much for me now. In years past I have bought the cake pans that were in different shapes for the kids. This was so cute and lots of fun. I would love to win this, as we have 4 birthdays in the month of February and we will celebrate those within the next week.

  732. I always bake. My last cake was a fort! So much fun. This kit looks amazing!

  733. My daughter has food allergies, so it’s baking at home for this mama! Love Wilton products-nothing in them she can’t have!

  734. I always bake my own. I just made fondant for the first time!

  735. I have done both (buy & bake cakes) in the past, but for my son’s last birthday I made him a train cake using a Wilton cake pan. It came out really cute and he loved it!

  736. This would be so awsome to win! I usually bake all of our birthday cakes. I love to bake, so I have no excuse to go out and buy one.

  737. Bake 98% of our cakes.

  738. After confessing that I often allow my children to decorate their own birthday cakes, I think you should pick us to win, so at least they can have fun new tools to work with.

  739. Usually bake, decorate…not so great! Super giveaway!

  740. I always, always, always make cakes for birthdays and every other occasion. When my son was a baby I took a cake decorating class at the craft store. I am no pro, but I know the basics and can make even a box cake mix into a decent looking cake.

    My son is the toughest customer because he demands a themed cake each year for his birthday. But I aim to please and always try my best to accomodate him on his special day!

    I would love to win this prize, as I do an awful lot of baking. The entire family has made me their official cake maker! LOL

    ndisilvio @ gmail . com

  741. I used to buy the bakery cakes for b-days, then due to budget constraints I had to make one for my dd’s party. She loved it just as much, and was thrilled to get to pick out her own flavor. My son would rather have a giant homemade cookie pizza than a bakery cake.

  742. We buy cakes and make the cupcakes. If they want cupcakes I am all over that!

  743. I do both. I have bought grocery stores cakes as well as made my own. I usually only tackle the girlie type cakes and buy my son’s birthday cakes. Girlie cakes seem to be easier for me to create than boy themed cakes.

  744. I always bake cakes for birthdays with seven children I could never buy all of them cakes! We have 4 birthdays within one month, crazy! I would love love love to use all those neat decorating items.

  745. Shayla Villines says:

    I’ve done both, although for my daughter’s 1st birthday party this past year, I made three different cakes AND decorated them myself. I was actually surprised at how much fun I had and how well they turned out. One of them was a ladybug!

  746. Eliza Dobbins says:

    I almost always bake my own cakes. I love baking. The decorating… I’m still working on!

  747. I’m a baker. I love to make cut-out cakes for my kids birthdays, and it really doesn’t matter how “professional” they turn out, my kids think they’re wonderful, and that’s all that matters!

  748. I usually try to bake, and even took two levels of Wilton classes to do so. My kids are always glad to have something that mom made by hand and don’t even care how fancy or perfect they are. 😉 One of the best things about having kids!

  749. I normally buy cakes, however my mother always made the most wonderful cakes from scratch for the 4 of us when we were little. I am hoping to someday hone her talent for social gatherings and food 😉

  750. I almost always bake the girls’ cakes. Sometimes I will buy one in a crunch. I do love to make them myself. I love Wilton products!

  751. Hello. Thank you for the chance to win such a great giveaway! I love to bake cakes and any kind of dessert really 🙂 My sons have holiday birthdays so it is easy to decorate Oct. 31 and July 4. Have a great day and thanks again!


  753. Mostly just make my own cakes, unless it’s an ice cream cake. The most creative cake I’ve made was just a 12 layer cake. I haven’t gotten crazy w/ decoration and shapes and all.

  754. I normally bake my kids’ cakes and my husband uses his newly discovered talent of cake decorating.

  755. I LOVE to bake cakes. I’ll take any excuse to bake. My decorating skills can use some help, I normally stick to just frosting and either nut or fruit decorations.

  756. i make my own. last year was an elmo cake for the little man and “baseball” for his older brother. thanks!

  757. When my oldest daughter was one I spent $75 on a Winnie the Pooh cake for her first birthday. The cake was adorable but $75!?!? And I had to supply the Pooh mold for the top of the cake. By the time her 3rd birthday came around baby #2 was on the way and I decided to try it on my own with a little help from a good friend. Since then I’ve been hooked on making and decorating my own. Now we have 3 little ones and I look forward to each birthday. I get to use my creativity and the kids are always so proud that “Mommy made it!” (as they always announce).

  758. I always bake. Not only is it much cheaper, but my kids prefer it that way 🙂

  759. Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! I usually make birthday cakes myself. We don’t do cakes, though. We do cupcakes.

  760. I love Wilton products. I have never used the cupcake wraps, but they look really cute! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  761. I had been buying cakes, but then lately I’ve been making them. I actually made an ice cream cake for my son’s birthday last month – I was SO proud of myself!

  762. In the past, I’ve bought many cakes. But, in recent years I’ve really enjoyed making and decorating my own. I’d LOVE this set!! Count me in!

  763. Always bake a fresh one, made with love!

  764. I always bake, but I don’t always decorate.

  765. We love to make our own birthday cakes. My kids especially like to pick out the cake decorations for their cake.

  766. I bake and buy. If my kids want a cake that is to detailed for me to make I will buy it, otherwise we make them together.

  767. tracy wishon says:

    i use to buy but have recently began baking and decorating my own – i love it and even though i am no good at it yet, this stuff would come in very handy

  768. Jenn Bartlett says:

    home made 98% of the time 🙂

  769. Tina robinson says:

    I love Wilton and would adore having this giveaway.

  770. I normally just order a cake from the bakery when I need one. But this kit is very neat, I would love to try my hand at baking one!! Wish me luck!!

  771. Rebecca Chandler says:

    I bake cupcakes. My 6 yr old has to take snacks to school once a month and he always wants cupcakes. The kids in his class would love some fancy decorated cupcakes!

  772. I ALWAYS bake my own birthday cakes. And I learn something new with each one I try! It’s either the cheapskate in me or another oppoprtunity to give my kids a memory especially for each one, by taking the time to make their cake! It’s a challenge some times but worth it in the end!
    This kit would be super fun to win!!

  773. I always bake cakes! Apparantly, I am the go-to cupcake lady!

  774. Brenda Thorn says:

    I’m definitely a bake from scratch birthday cake baker, but I’m not usually too happy with the decorating aspect. With two birthdays around Christmas and New Year’s, I’m usually pressed for time to make the cake.

  775. I had been buying them but over the last few years realized I can do this and it is lots of fun to see what I can create

  776. I buy the box mix and bake…nothing really fancy…I think I am going to take up an idea that I saw on another blog and let the kids start to decorate their own cakes.

  777. At first my kids think they need a store bought cake. Then I talk to them about making their own cakes at home. They like amking the decisions about flavors, colors, or frosting. Plus, decorating is very fun!

  778. I try to bake cakes, but usually for big things I end up buying them- It’s more fun to bake your own and decorate it though!

  779. I have bought my share of birthday cakes, but am starting to try and bake my own these days!!

  780. My 15 year old daughter LOVES to bake! Our family benefits from her efforts. 🙂

  781. I grew up with my mom always decorating our cakes so it never really occurred to me to do it any other way. My decorating is no where near my mother’s level, but I still give it my best shot 🙂

  782. I usually bake a cake. It is almost always plain or with a few sprinkles. I have always wanted to take a class at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, but we don’t have one where I live. This is a great giveaway!

  783. I normally buy their cake. But for school I make their favorite cupcakes to take & share with their class. I did make their birthday cakes a couple of times. My most memorable one was for one of my son’s first birthday. It was humpty dumpty. That was fun. Thanks for the chance to win. That would be soooo awesome!!!

  784. I like to bake my cakes from scratch. They aren’t the prettiest since I’m a novice at decorating but the cake itself tastes amazing! Way better then a store bought one. I like my cakes to be moist but also a little bit dense. Those decorations look super cute.

  785. When my kids were little I made all kinds of creative cakes. But now I usually just buy one if it’s for my hubby since they are all grown

  786. I usually buy their favorite cake for birthdays but will make one for other occasions!

  787. I bake every day cakes and buy special occasion cakes b/c I’m not much of a decorator. But I would *love* to be better at it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  788. I have to bake all of our cakes because my 6 year old daughter has an egg allergy. I would love to win this kit!

  789. I make AND buy cakes…depending on the occasion! I LOVE making cupcakes though! =)

  790. Patti Bulish says:

    A few years ago I started baking birthday cakes. My sweet little Delaney always
    wants a homemade cake. My decorating skills are getting a little better . The wilton
    package looks like so muck fun.
    Thank You,

  791. my 4yo daughter & i LOVE to bake together.

  792. Julie Cutshaw says:

    I like to bake cupcakes, I love Wilton they offer so many decorating ideas to use thats more fun than buying to see what I can create, I took a wilton cake decorating class and was hooked to buy more tips just to see what I can create on tops of yummy cupcakes, they showed us how to make the cutest little funny glowns on them, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  793. Sherry A. Gilland says:

    I buy them for my 5 yr old grandson as a treat every so often, but I’d love to start making them & try to decorate him some cute ones to eat and he would enjoy helping me make them i’m sure, thank you great giveaway
    sherrya1210 at yahoo dot com

  794. I’ve never baked their cake (then again we’ve only had one birthday party), but I would love to do it in the future! Have 2 birthdays to celebrate soon! 🙂

  795. We almost always bake our cakes, but we will occasionally buy a cake. When I find the money and the time, I’d really like to take a cake decorating class!

  796. I used to buy a theme cake, but last year I started making them instead. I will have a 4 year old next week, and he can’t wait for Mommy to make his Nemo cake!

  797. Although I’ll admit I often buy professionally decorated cakes, I have to say I much prefer the ones I make. I have taken formal decorating classes and I am very good at it. But, like you said, masterpieces can take hours and nowadays it seems my time is much tighter than I’d like. What a neat giveaway!

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